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Crowdfunding is the Name of the Game

Back in the day, you lugged around a big cardboard suitcase of candy bars, selling each for a dollar to fundraise. Now, crowdfunding is the name of the game.

Crowdfunding - The Grommet and Indiegogo

From freelancing journalists in need of cash for travel expenses to kobe beef jerky enthusiasts buying a commercial refrigerator, crowdfunding has given many ideas and projects the much sought after initial push -- as well as initial validation.

In March, we partnered with Google Apps, Boston.com, and Indiegogo to host the Product Pitch: From Home Plate to Home Run at Fenway Park, where the winner benefited from The Grommet’s expertise in launching consumer products and getting their product market-ready.

After the event, the event winner THINX and four of the participating teams launched Indiegogo campaigns. The verdict? THINX and popular vote winner MAX'IS Creations both had their campaigns fully funded -- further validating the potential of their great products.

To encourage folks to take the first step toward their campaigns, we are passing along an opportunity on behalf of our partnership with Indiegogo. As a new or current user, anyone who launches an Indiegogo campaign through our unique link will be associated with the Grommet Partner Page and receive 25% off Indiegogo fees!

 This is one of our ways of saying “don’t give up!” to all the dreamers and innovators out there. It’s a great chance to try crowdfunding if you’ve been considering it!

Again, here’s the unique link. We can't wait to see your campaigns!

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