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Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids

Looking for unique gifts ideas they'll love? Make your little one's Valentine's Day extra special with these gifts geared for kids. When you give a Grommet, each one has a story. The thoughtfulness is built right in.  

Valentines Gifts for Kids

Mountain Melodies

The Mountain Melodies thumb-harp is elegantly designed and crafted in the United States from polished cedar. With the included songbook and its intuitive design, you will be playing and experimenting with your own music in no time. Shop Now

Valentines Gifts for Kids


These fun, bright, affordable Headfoams are child friendly, mono-body headphones with an 85-decibel limit for safety. And they’re built to last from EVA foam. Shop Now

Cool Valentine's Day Gift for Kids


With interchangeable ears, arms, and legs, Chimeras are a new breed of stuffed animals that encourage creative play. Turn your Monkey and Bunny into a Monny and a Bunkey. Shop Now

Fun Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids

Max'is Creation

Originally designed by an 8-year-old basketball fan for shooting marshmallows into hot cocoa, this oversized mug with a hoop brings game time fun to meal and snack time. Can be used as a cup or a bowl. Shop Now

valentines gifts for kids


Handcrafted in Brooklyn, these simple wooden toys let you to record a message, play it back, and change the pitch in a non-digital, non-plastic way. Shop Now

unique valentines gifts for kids


A reinvention of the paddleball, this not-your-dime store game. Called para2ONE, the paddle is asymmetrically shaped for 360 degrees of extreme fun for anyone from age 7 to 97. Paddle has a "switch gap" which allows player to switch sides mid-play. Shop Now

For more ideas, shop our collection of Valentine's Day gifts for kids here.

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