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Daily Grommet, Gorillas and Attitudes

Let's face it, most of us love to shop.  Daily Grommet team member Sara Pacelle loves to shop, too, but she does have one little thing that bugs her.  Enjoy, and let us know if you have a shopping pet peeve, too!

By Sara Pacelle

I love to shop online.  It has definitely replaced the catalog shopping I used to do.  You get to see the product up close and read user reviews.  At Daily Grommet, we even review the product, and you get to see us use it and talk to its creator. Works for me.

I still get a few catalogs in the mail, but I rarely look at them.  I did happen to glance at one discount catalog today and saw a cute shirt that I thought would look half-way decent on me.   So, let’s see, what colors does it come in?

colorsOkay, herein is my shopping pet peeve:  why do designers and manufacturers have to pick the weirdest names for colors? I realize that they are trying to be creative and hip and evoke some kind of visceral feelings of me being pretty or outdoorsy or sexy. They already have me; I want the shirt, now I just simply want to know what colors it comes in.

Are these names for real?  Is this a new language we are speaking?  Now, I consider myself as hip as the next gal, but come on:  Grizzly, Mineral Heather, Stratosphere, Nature, Merlin, Tree Frog?  I think some genius in the “Think Up New Color Names” department is having the last laugh.  “And let’s not have any pictures of the colors, either,” he says wringing his hands with a maniacal glint in his eyes.

Can you guess what colors any of these are: Welly?  Carafe?  Gorilla? Dark Cigar (not to be confused with basic Cigar)? Autobahn? Bergamot?  --It turns out that the bergamot is a “small and roughly pear shaped fragrant citrus fruit, commonly used in Earl Gray tea.  Not to be confused with the bergamot herbs which are in the mint family...”  Ugh….  I just want to buy a shirt that covers my belly!  It turns out that bergamot is BLUE.  Never would have guessed it.  So, after spending 15 minutes trying to find out what color bergamot is, I’m exhausted and don’t even want the shirt anymore.  Yes, there are some names that conjure up color associations for me, but they weren’t being fair on the bergamot, that one was too out there.

I suppose I could use my deductive reasoning skills and dust off the old Merriam Webster to decode these color meanings and try to appear as color-cool as the next gal.  “Oh, yes, I just bought the cutest sweater in the most gorgeous shade of raccoon you have ever seen!!”    But frankly the reason I went through catalogs to shop is to save time. Hello, I don’t have time to run around to cool little boutique-y shops (wish I did), so I most definitely don’t have the time to decipher some designer’s idea of a consumer joke.

So, here’s one for you…. I even found a color called Grommet!!  What color do you think that is?

Looks like taupe to me, without the attitude.


  • schmutzie Says:

    Grommet sounds like steel grey to me with a touch of brown.

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