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Daily Grommet sandwich throwdown?

As the Community Manager here at Daily Grommet, I spend a good part of my day on Facebook chatting with our great fans and friends. I'm always delighted to see how eager our Facebook crowd is to jump into the conversation, whether we're taking a poll, asking for opinions, or just bantering back-and-forth. Because I know our Facebook community especially loves talking about food, I decided to ask everyone to name their favorite sandwich (August is National Sandwich Month after all). In a matter of seconds, the responses were flying in. From traditional favorites to more adventurous recipes, it's obvious our Facebook crowd is all about their sandwiches.

Take my conversation with one of our members, Al ...

It's not like Al was calling me out for a challenge (no, I'm not competitive at all really), but I just couldn't let Al down. So, I decided to test this famous recipe out for myself.

peanut butter and bacon sandwich

The ingredients: Bacon, bread (no sourdough on hand, so I went with wheat), and creamy peanut butter -- as per Al.

At this point I was a little lot skeptical. I am not a big bacon fan (I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority here) BUT I do love peanut butter, so who knows?

peanut butter and bacon sandwich

After cooking up the bacon, I assembled the sandwich. At this point I was thinking, "am I getting this right?"

peanut butter and bacon sandwich

And there she is. Bread, peanut butter and bacon. Do we call this a PB-B? Okay, and now for the moment of truth...

Not too bad Al, not too bad.

Now, who is up for making some of the other favorites sandwich recipes? Did you see Heather C.'s favorite? Tuna fish and banana -- I'll let you all test that one!


  • Christopher Sorel Says:

    try it with peanut butter companies maple peanut butter and bacon. makes it great

  • Carol Ann Miller Says:

    Try Tuna and cole slaw

  • Michelle York Says:

    A favorite of the King (Elvis)..fried peanut butter & banana. My favorite, creme cheese, tomato, black olives on crusty baguette. Hungry just thinking about sandwiches. I'll have a fried egg on soft white bread for breakfast.

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