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Daily Grommet Spotlight: Nannies4hire

Is there anything you can't do online these days? On Daily Grommet, we've featured an online book rental website, a free personal finance tool, even a "Netflix for dresses" service that lets you borrow designer duds.  It's no wonder. We're all busier and spending more time online than ever. And that's just what Candi Wingate had in mind when she took her business, Nannies4hire, online.

Daily Grommet spotlights Nannies4hire online service

A mom and former nanny herself, Candi wanted to make it easier (and more affordable) for both families and their caregivers to find each other. Her site offers a free preview of full or part-time, temporary, seasonal, live-in or live-out nannies in your area -- as well as elderly/companions. 

So in the spirit of keeping you up to date with helpful services, we went directly to Candi with some more questions about her business.

Nannies4hire has been around since 1987, Candi... so what are some of the biggest changes you've seen in how parents are searching for nannies and their expectations?

Years ago, families spent around $800 - $5,000 for an agency to place a nanny in the home. Now, all you have to do is go online, bring up your zip code, and find a whole list of providers looking for a position. It’s a huge money saver and, with the economy being what it is, having a nanny makes it easier for families to accomplish all of today’s demands. I started Nannies4hire.com years ago when I saw how the market was shifting toward web-based recruitment.  As a former nanny myself, and as a mom who now has a nanny of her own, I know the nanny business from both sides, and I'm committed to ensuring the best possible nanny experience for nannies and families. 

What's been the most challenging part of having your own business? The most fun?

The most fun is, well, let's see; in my opinion, it's hearing from families and nannies after a match has been made.  When I hear that they are very much enjoying their employment relationship, that they feel it's a good fit for them, then I really like that.

The most challenging part is probably fitting it all in.  You know?  Every working mom has more to do than time in which to do it.  I get it because I'm there too.   

Trust is so important to what you do; how do you earn that?

Our goal is to find the right match for every family and nanny.  We don't want to match people and jobs randomly:  that doesn't serve anyone well.  So, if a nanny or family has questions or concerns, we give them the individualized attention that they deserve.  We honor the privacy of our families and nannies.  And we do our level best to create a positive experience with every one of our families and nannies.  As a result, a good amount of our business has been built on referrals and repeat clients.

Daily Grommet spotlights Nannies4Hire, founded by mom and former Nanny, Candi WingateHow does Nannies4hire.com's reflect your own personality?

As the former nanny for a couple with five children, I quickly learned about the needs of a modern day family.  Now a wife and mother, I, like so many other women, strive to have it all:  a family, a career, and a balanced life.  So, I understand the importance of having a solid support system in place, which includes a caring, responsible nanny to help with childcare, errands, and other household responsibilities.  So, my experiences as nanny and then as mom with a nanny have helped shape how I have approached this business.

So we noticed the references to Dr. Phil all over your site - have you met him? What's he really like? (had to ask! )

Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to meet him personally, but his team has been great to work with (we provide nannies to the guests on the Dr. Phil Show).  

If you know of other online services you think we should spotlight, be sure to tell us about them. And you'll find more great resources we've featured here on Daily Grommet.

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