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Daily Grommet's extreme makeover

There's a bit of a cobbler's children effect at Daily Grommet. We're always so focused on other people's products that we don't have much time to polish our own shoes. But after having the same basic site since we launched in October 2008, we decided it was time to take the plunge on a new one. Why? Mainly, we've outgrown some of the home-made "crunchier" aspects of how we built things.  (And the hamsters powering the back end are getting REALLY tired.)

Although I am excited to release the new site, I'll admit, the number one thing I worry about is getting too "slick" in a revamped design. I never want to lose the intimacy and, frankly, oddball qualities of how we work and think and communicate with you.

But I also don't want to be so "odd" that it's hard to find the Grommets, or confuse you with an unconventional shopping process, so we are nimbly sallying forth. At this point, with over 500 Grommets, we need to make it easier to cruise around making new discoveries, search more effectively for a Grommet-- even when you can't recall its name, and give more shipping and gifting options. We're also adding some whole new areas for exploration, and taking some new risks.

The heart of what we do, telling you true stories about fresh discoveries, remains untouched. But here's the rundown of what's new:

A better place to shop

Probably the first thing you’ll notice about the new Daily Grommet is that we’ve amped up our look. There are brighter colors, bigger, better, and more pictures, all layered onto a clean and easy structure so you can get where you need to go, find what you’re looking for, discover something new and unexpected, and get to the heart of the story faster than ever.

Citizen Commerce – on steroids

We’ve always relied on ideas from our community to fuel the discovery on Daily Grommet. Now you can share your finds and favorite products with everyone. Take a look at our brand new Citizens’ Gallery:

The Citizens’ Gallery is where you can submit your idea for would-be Grommets. You can upload videos, images, and all kinds of details about why you think a product is special. If your submission is selected for display, it'll be visible to everyone right here. You can rally your supporters to “like” your idea and share it out through your own networks, on Twitter and Facebook.

This means that all our visitors can browse the Gallery and comment on Grommet ideas – we’ll be watching to see which ideas rise to the top; it’s a great way for you to make your voice heard in the discovery process.

Here are more new features we’ve built in:

  • A streamlined checkout process with express options
  • Flexibility around shipping and gifting – ship to multiple locations in a single transaction ... more shipping options ... and gift certificates
  • Enhanced search capabilities and improved organization by categories – get to the products you’re searching for more quickly
  • New ways to comment on and share Grommets

  • The option to gather Grommets you love in a Favorites list and share your list with friends who need a hint!

More great stories and inventive products than ever

Because we’re all about telling rich stories and providing you with the best offers, we wanted to give you even more of each Grommet. Our new format allows us to feature new items and offers from our Grommet partners.

Watch for even more good stuff in the coming months. And we're all ears if you've got requests or ideas to make your Daily Grommet experience even better. Feel free to Email us anytime!


  • Angella Says:

    It looks AMAZING, you guys! Proud to be part of the team. :)

  • Yvonne Moss Says:

    I have been a Grommet reader for over a year and look forward to the new 'face' ! I'm also working on a product of my own to submit! Can't wait to share it with you!

  • ABC Dragoo Says:

    AWESOME!! Congrats ~ I love that it is even MORE user friendly.

  • susan Says:

    LOVE IT!!! Congrats, seems like today is a fabulous day. I will send lots of people to it. Best of luck.

  • Dan Weinreb Says:

    It looks great! I'll be seeing more of the insides next time I buy a Grommet. (That won't take long; I keep finding good ones to buy!) Excellent!

  • Darron Says:

    I like it, but what happened to the RSS feed? I miss that...

  • Tori Says:

    Darron- We know (sorry!) we are getting it back up and running very soon. Thanks for hanging in there!

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