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A Recipe for an Impressive Company

Our friend Julia Elmer has once again introduced to us to a truly impressive company- Dancing Deer. Starting from humble beginnings, this bakery has grown to become a national brand with well deserved recognition.

Dancing Deer Baking Company blends traditional artisan baking with innovative flavor combinations. The Company's all-natural and Kosher cookies and brownies are baked with the highest quality ingredients, and are known for their scrumptious and delectable taste. We love that whenever possible, Dancing Deer makes green choices in its packaging, production and facilities, and consistently demonstrates its commitment to social, environmental and community causes.

This Boston based start up touts their success to luck, dedication, hard work and a commitment to having fun. Having won several awards (including the title of “Best cake in America”), Dancing Deer is successful in many ways including in their philanthropic efforts. With such success,  the company grew and a move became eminent. CEO, Trish Carter surprised many people when she relocated head quarters to Roxbury, an inner city area of Boston. Karter saw this move as an opportunity to positively impact a neighborhood that otherwise didn’t have much going for it. It wasn’t long after that that Karter and Dancing Deer had founded the Sweet Home Project.

In an effort to help families move permanently out of poverty, the Sweet Home Project was established by the Dancing Deer team and for many, is a beacon of hope in Boston. Here's how it works... You purchase "Sweet Home" cake & cookie gifts and Dancing Deer donates 35% of the retail price to scholarship programs through One Family Inc to help homeless and at risk mothers further their education.

Karter describes her mission with Dancing Deer,

“My business career has always been driven by a need to do more than peddle one more case of something strictly for commercial gain. I was raised in a tradition of philanthropy and social activism and it stuck. There is so much more to do, and our efforts have yielded only very modest results. But I am proud of our good works at Dancing Deer. Whether it’s the Sweet Home Project or helping an individual walk in to Dancing Deer with no skills, and walk out the door with a career, we’re helping people who need it.”

We love that Karter and the entire Dancing Deer Company dedicate so much to helping their community. We think Karter and the entire Dancing Deer team have one winning recipe for a very impressive company.

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