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Design Blog Fun: Moggit

Here at Daily Grommet we are constantly looking for great designs, innovative designers, and are always eager to strike up a conversation with people interested in unique finds. We began tweeting with Joy and Janet (the Moggit girls) not too long ago and they are always eager to chat about unique designs on their wildly popular design blog. Moggit (a term they made up to describe blogging in magazine form) was born out of the desire to make design and decorating less serious and more fun.

After a recent chat about the Nate Berkus Show (remember when Jeanne visited the show?), we invited Joy and Janet to share more about themselves with us. So, without further  ado ... the Moggit girls.

Joy and Janet, you met when you were 5 (that is so fun!), so it is obvious you make a good team, when you decided to team up and create Moggit?

design blog - moggit

Joy & Janet

Well, we *think* we met in Kindergarten-- it might have even been earlier than that, but we can't be sure! Here's the short version: we've been friends a reeeeeally long time. (We don't want you to ask how long, but we're willing to give you a hint: it's been more than ten years.) We've both always had a very keen interest in anything and everything design (read: borderline clinical obsession), and worked together over the years on lots of little design projects. But it was when all of our kids (Joy has 2+2 and Janet has 3) were (finally-- thankyoulawd!) old enough to be in school full-time that we decided we wanted to do something a little more concrete together. After a few pitched ideas, one fistfight and a false start or two, we launched Moggit.com as a blog, and haven't looked back since!

Our discovery team is always on the hunt and scouting for products with a great design and compelling story, how would you describe what you are out there looking for?

For the blog itself, we're obviously always on the hunt for anything unusual or quirky-- the kinds of things that lend themselves nicely to moggit. On a design level, we figure we're pretty much like everyone else-- always on the lookout for amazing ideas, products and inspiration!

What has been your favorite find to date?

Janet always puts her hand up first at this question-- her all-time favorite post is one that Joy did in moggit's first year. (Just so you know, she still laughs every single time she reads it.) It's here: http://www.moggit.com/2009/11/so-its-like-this.html

A recent Moggit find ... "Great for barhopping with that friend who drinks too much." - Moggit

Any reactions from the designers of the products you feature?

People often make the mistake of assuming that just because we've made a tongue-in-cheek joke about something we've posted on the blog, we automatically hate it. But that is so not true! We often actually quite like some of the things that make it to the blog. Or we think they're cool. Or awesome. Or amazing. Or whatever. (And no, we won't tell you which ones, 'cuz we like to be all mysterious like that.) It's just that the things that make it to the blog are things that have an element about them that just strikes us funny in some way. And so we write about that element, because our intention is really just to make people laugh for a few seconds during their busy day.

Honestly, it just seemed to us when we started moggit (from our perspective in our little corner of the world at least), that no one was really taking the time to relax and have a bit of a laugh in the design community-- everybody just seemed to be working so damn hard! So that's where we came in (because, if there's one thing we cannot stand, it's hard work). Really, we just wanted to lighten things up a bit. That's all. We love design (see above and/or call our therapist to verify) and have always thought design can and should be fun and funny. And really, we just hope we've accomplished a bit of that with the blog.

As to reactions, we have to say that we've never really gotten much in the way of adverse or negative reactions or comments. They've truly been very few and far between, and we think there's a very good reason for that. From the very beginning, people just really seemed to get that our intention was never to be malicious or nasty. It's just not our style. (However it is our style to be smart-assy. So we tend to go with that.) That said, we know that there are some blogs out there that do tend to go for the 'design jugular'; and while that's okay for them, we never want moggit to be considered one of those.

In terms of positive comments, astonishingly enough, we do get them nearly every day. We have super-supportive loyal and longtime readers (we love you guys-- you rock!), new readers (we adore you!), and occasional readers (guys, really-- you should drop by more often, but we think you're cool, anyway...) that span one end of the design spectrum right to the other-- including fellow designers/decorators, fellow bloggers, and fellow 'design enthusiasts'. And we're always thrilled when the goodness comes rolling in, in the form of amazing feedback telling us that they love their little break from the (admittedly) very serious business of the design world. (It really never gets old. We actually preen a bit-- even in our pajamas while still wearing mascara from the day before. 'Cuz That's. How. We. Roll.) In fact, one of the nicest emails we ever got was from a mother/daughter who live far away from each other, who both love design, and who 'bond' (their word not ours, but it does make us reach for a tissue when we think about it!) over moggit every day on the phone. Our hand to God, they wrote us that they call each other before they look at the day's post, and neither is allowed to peek until both are ready-- and then they laughandlaughandlaugh. (Okay, we made that last part up but the rest is true-- we swear!) How's that for awesome? So yeah, we feel we've been very fortunate to have been received so incredibly well...

What blogs do you read daily?

Mm, that's kinda like asking which of our kids is our favorite, but we have to say-- we love  Daily Grommet, natch! ('Cuz it totally ROCKS!)

*Thanks Joy & Janet (we think you rock too!). Everyone else, be sure to visit Moggit.com -- it's an entertaining read!

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