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Diary of a Product Launch: THINX

product launch THINX

THINX Member, Antonia Dunbar with her signed baseball at From Home Plate to a Home Run

Hi product pitch fans! 

We just can't seem to get enough of the success that our 10 teams have seen since our From Home Plate to a Home Run event on March 19th. Now that the event is over, the fun begins for these teams. We want to follow them along this journey. We want to document their trials and triumphs and celebrate with them as they reach major benchmarks. We think they each have a great story to tell and deserve for it to be told. 

So with that said, we're starting by introducing a diary format for our winning team, THINX on our media partner's site, Boston.com Here you will be able to follow the THINX girls on their road to innovative underwear success. Check out their first post on Boston.com today and root for them along with us. 

Good luck THINX and can't wait for your next installment.

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