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Dilbert Stress Toy


This is a new release from the Significant Object project, by Joshua Glenn and Rob Walker. I wrote about this project before, here.  I haven't posted a release in a while.  This one, being a cartoon, caught my eye.

Dilbert Stress Toy

by Betsey Swardlick | Wed, Oct 21, 2009


squeezable-dilbert-550Object No. 84 of 100

[Bid on this Significant Object, with story by Betsey Swardlick, here. This story is the third in a three-part series produced in collaboration with The Center for Cartoon Studies. ]



The significance of this object has been invented by the author; see the project description for details. Click here to receive email updates.

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About the author:

Betsey Swardlick

Betsey Swardlick is a student at the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, Vermont. Contact her at [email protected]

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