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Do you Pinterest? This giveaway's for you.

We're all about discovery here at Daily Grommet. Whether it's an innovative product,  a cool new gadget, or a unique designer, we're all about the process and thrill of discovery (and sharing it with all of you). So, it's easy to see why we've become such big fans of Pinterest. In case you haven't discovered it yet, Pinterest is  a virtual pin board where you can organize and share your finds from across the web -- and, more than that, Pinterst is an avenue for discovery.

Here's how they describe themselves: "You can browse pin boards created by other people to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests."

Sound good? It does to us. In fact, we've become downright hooked these last few months, pinning and re-pinning our favorite finds. Can't wait to hear from you and see what you've discovered.

brands on pinterest

Our pin board of 'Talented Artisans' we've discovered

Are you pinning? We'd love to know, how do you use Pinterest? Does it help you keep track of decorating ideas? Crafts and projects you'd like to try? Gifts you've spotted on the web? And of course we've been seeing you pin the stuff you love from DailyGrommet.com -- so cool.

brands on pinterest

Our thegrommet.com finds on your pin boards!

The Pinterest Giveaway:

Want to win $100 to spend on Daily Grommet? Leave a comment and let us know how you are using Pinterest - you could win a $100 Daily Grommet Gift Certificate to spend on something you've pinned and have been wanting to buy.

And if you leave a link to your Pinterest profile, we'll follow you too (here's our profile if you'd like to follow us: http://pinterest.com/dailygrommet/)

To enter the Pinterest Giveaway

Leave a comment telling us what you like about Pinterest or share something you've discovered and pinned. We'll choose one person at random to win the $100 Daily Grommet gift card. Good luck and happy pinning!

giveaway on pinterest


General contest rules: To enter, you must be a U.S. resident and at least 18 years of age and you must leave a comment or question on today’s post. No purchase necessary. One entry per person. The winner will be randomly selected and notified via email. Employees, contractors, and the families of employees and contractors of Daily Grommet, Inc. are not eligible to enter. You are not eligible to win if you have received a prize or giveaway from Daily Grommet in the last six months. Void where prohibited. Contest will run from 11 am PST October 14, 2011 to 10 pm PST October 17, 2011.


  • Annie Resnicoff Says:

    When I first found Pinterest a few months ago, I started using it because I was planning my wedding and it was a great way to 'pin' all the pictures I had found while planning. It was the first time I was able to really show all my Bridesmaids and our families what I meant when I was talking about all that wedding stuff and it was really great to see that all the stuff I was gathering fit together and had a common theme. It was really great to be able to in a way make a copy of what was in my head and to be able to show other people what I mean, instead of them looking at me like I was crazy!

    Now, that the wedding pasted (about a month ago), I'm still using it to gather up decorating ideas, since my husband and I just moved into a new apartment a few months ago. And I use to to find great recipes that other people have pinned. As well as pinning things I just like or want. Pinterest is a really great way to see everything that's in your head in one place.

  • Mary Says:

    I use Pinterest to look at pretty things - from food photography, to decorating ideas and just general things I like that bring me a little amusement.

  • Rachel Jones Says:

    I love pinterest because it enables me to dream about a house that I may have some day- and create rooms of inspiration! I collect images from all over the web- not just from others on pinterest. I like to keep the content new and not just reused :-)

  • Robin O Says:

    I use Pinterest to keep track of hot new items that I am dying to buy (or receive as gifts)!
    I also use it to create an image gallery of places I would love to visit. It's a fun site!
    I follow @DailyGrommet on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks for all YOUR great posts!

  • Not Just A Mommy! Says:

    I LOVE Pinterest! I bookmark so many ideas to share with readers in future blog and Facebook posts, but since there are no pictures, I have to follow the link through and waste so much time trying to remember what it was in the first place. This way, I can share creative finds right away with my board followers and pop them through Twitter when I come across them.

  • Not Just A Mommy! Says:

    Oops, forgot my Pinterest link... http://pinterest.com/notjustamommy/

  • J&J Says:

    We love to use pinterest for kicking back and having fun, with boards Joy started like 'Stuff Our Husbands Should Buy Us' or 'Pics That Help Us With PMS'. But we also log in to be inspired and amazed every day or several times a day. Oh, and also to let the universe suck our time away really fast. (Did you know time speeds up x2 when you're on Pinterest? Yup. Little known fact.) We can be found here: http://pinterest.com/moggitgirls/

  • Futurowoman Says:

    I LOVE Pinterest! This is mine: http://pinterest.com/futurowoman/

    One of the things I've really enjoyed about it (aside from discovering so many amazing items, recipes, ideas!), is that I've been able to use it to keep myself organized. I organize and plan my garden there, I'm organizing events there, and I'm even brainstorming my next tattoo(s!) there. It is such a fun way to bookmark, organize, and share materials! I love it! :)

  • ellen Says:

    I use it to remember images from my various interests. Bookmarking a website won't do that. It's a great way to be able to show The Little Woman what I mean when I'm talking about a color or a fabric I'm considering for our home.

  • Kori Clark Says:

    I use Pinterest for a very wide variety of reasons, from redecorating the home to finding inspirational artwork! Recently, I have even started using Pinterest to plan our family dinners....I simply search for items we have - like Chicken and Broccoli - and many different dinner choices to make with those items, with photos and links to wonderful food blogs where the recipe waiting!
    My link pinterest.com/paperandpigtail/

  • lisa brakebill Says:

    Pinterest is "my time". I'm addicted to it and I have caused a major addiction among friends. I have a granddaughter and finding the "toothfairy door" made her day. It was a wonderful gift. Thanks to pinterest I am now baking cakes!!!!! NOT BOX! Never again will i EVER make a boxed cake. EVER.

  • Victoria Says:

    I'm an extremely visual person and have been using pinterest as somewhat of a visual bookmark for my browser. I've been using it lately to help keep track of eye-candy and ideas for my major yard overhaul of a landscaping challenge, for my future decorating ideas, and for on-going house remodeling projects. I also use it browse friend's and other people's board for inspiration, instead of using something like google image search... It has also been great to see how my other friends are using it to keep track of recipes and craft ideas. Because of that, I've made my own recipes board. ;-)
    http://pinterest.com/vikaye/ is me!

  • Stacie Says:

    I just registered on Pinterest a little over a week ago and AM TOTALLY HOOKED!! OMG!! I love it!! I have found so many new ideas to try (Not that I've had time to try them yet, but I will), scrumptious sounding recipes, and lots of party ideas. Thanks for the giveaway...this is great!

  • Sarah Says:

    I LOVE Pinterest!!! I use it to pin wonderful finds for my little guys room, crafts I want to do (and I actually have followed through with some, believe it or not!!), gifts for Christmas and SO much more. It has helped declutter my poor computer from all of the individual website pages I would leave up!!!

  • Addie Says:

    I started using Pinterest when I was looking for ideas to show my daughter who is planning her wedding. I am also an avid cake decorator, love to crochet, sew, do paper crafts, paint and just about all crafts. With Christmas coming I wanted to get some ideas of what others were making. I love all the yummy recipes I have found. Putting a "Pin It" on by bookmark bar was so easy. Now I have all my interests categorized and they are so easy to find. I love Pinterest. http://pinterest.com/addietx/

  • Barina Craft Says:

    We just started to pin some interests. Mostly home bars, furniture designs, entertaining ideas and related items. Nice way to organize your bookmarks visually into categories / boards.

    Join Barina Craft at http://pinterest.com/barinacraft/.

  • Jessica Says:

    I use Pinterest for so many things. I use it for blog ideas. I use it for decorating ideas. It's a great resource for crafts and other things to do with the kids. I've started to use it as my own on-line cookbook for food and cocktails. I have always loved quotes, humorous, inspirational, funny... I use often use quotes in my writing and since Pinterest I can't tell you the last time I have opened my Bartlet's or any other quotation book. I love sharing my finds with others and I love to be inspired by what other people have found. Pinterest also makes me smile. I may have had a bad day and then see something funny that someone pinned - a quote or a picture. I always make sure to stop by at least once a day! It's become like a glass of wine (well, almost!) to me!

  • Mindy Harris Says:

    my pinterest is: http://pinterest.com/harrismindy/ and i use it for craft DIYS, especially. BUT, i also love categorizing my finds into "ifs and whens"
    like: "when we renew our wedding vows"
    or, "if the kids ever share a room"
    most recently it's been helpful in finding craft booth set up ideas!
    thanks for the chance to win.

  • Shena Says:

    I love Pinterest!! It is now my favorite "Go To" website. I use it to find home decorating ideas, recipes, craft ideas, humor, holidays...the list goes on. I have found so many things that I have made/cooked, etc. and I wouldn't have without Pinterest to easily find when I need it.

    You can find me here: http://pinterest.com/shenasetzer/

  • Amanda Says:

    The thing I love most about Pinterest is that I can pin things on my laptop and access them from the desktop or my iphone app.

  • Melissa Says:

    I am a huge DIYer. I use Pinterest to save things I want to find again and that alone it convenient, but being able to see what other people like me have saved has led me to all sorts of new blogs and websites full of great ideas!

  • Jean Layton Says:

    Visual learning is my style, so when I found Pinterest I was in heaven.
    I have so many boards that I was able to create easily.
    Now to find a favorite recipe or item, I can just scan the boards.
    LOVE it.
    And I already followed you long ago :)

  • Lacey Says:

    I am having too much fun on Pinterest. I have an antique door and an old table, and on Pinterest I happened upon a way to turn them into a beautiful planter stand for outside. I have been gathering photos and ideas for a dream house - some realistic and some quite fantastical. It's visual, interactive, and useful! I'm making tonight's dinner from a recipe I saw posted and I've been working my way through several dollar store craft ideas. You people are geniuses, and I love finding your ideas on Pinterest!

  • Jayne Says:

    I've been pinning for a while now, as I'm currently unemployed. I've used it to find great craft ideas, especially for the upcoming holidays. I've discovered links to home and garden ideas that would have never dawned on me. And while pinning is very addictive, I've actually done/made/created some of the stuff I've pinned: recipes, DIY stuff, etc. It's another way to communicate with all kinds of people, in addition to social media like Facebook, and I've gotten quite of my friends to give it a try. Love it!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  • Jennifer Says:

    I looooooove Pintrest. I'm using it to come up with some great DIY Christmas gifts.

  • Barby Says:

    I'm fairly new to Pinterest but see potential for keeping a wish list for gifts for me and for my friends and family! It's a great way to look for ideas instead of going store-to-store or catalog-to-catalog!

  • Kathleen WW Says:

    I'm a Pinterest addict, thanks to my 14 year old daughter! She's the one that showed me Pinterest (she likes crochet and photography) and how it works. I use it for lots of stuff: places I'd like to travel, homeschool ideas for my 10 year old son, craft ideas I love, delicious recipes, and just things I like or dream of having or of doing. Some things I repin from others' boards, but I like to add stuff I find too! I also love that many of my friends are on there, it's a fun new way to get to know another side of people you might not know about otherwise!


  • Kara Jo Says:

    Anything inspirational, encouraging, or just down-right warm and fuzzy will end up (eventually) on one of my Pinterest boards. This site has much more quickly become an unbeatable addiction to me unlike anything I've ever experienced before on the web. Someone, stop me! Please! (Or on the other hand... maybe wait a few more months until I get some of these craft projects done :) ). Feel free to take a look Daily Grommet!

  • Liza Says:

    I started pinning a few weeks ago and can't believe I waited so long. Everything visual is available to me in one place, from pictures of my pets to ideas for the propaganda posters I make. I am a collector: postcards, old recipe books, needle packs, posters, and I love to share what I've found. Pinterest allows me to keep a visual record of just about everything, neatly, easily and in my own categories. I can share my own art, the art that inspires me, and the stuff I think is a good idea for sometime in the future. What I didn't expect was that I'd enjoy looking at other pinner's work so much. But I do. And I'm delighted at how easy it is to pin. So...for the complicated texts that I need to keep for future reference I use Evernote. For everything else..I'm pinning! And yes, I'd say I'm addicted. I'm here:


  • Tara Says:

    I teach in a design program and am encouraging my students to organize their inspiration images using pinterest. It has been a fun way for me to get started on organizing the images that I collect in a central location too.

  • Hazel Says:

    I learned about this super cool idea called a Possibilities Calendar. On this calendar, you put in activities and events that you would love to do if it was a real "possibility" - I have only begun using Pinterest, but the way I plan to use it is to pin my visual possibilities. So far, melting broken crayons into heart shaped multi-colored crayons and a super delicious looking pretzel with a melted hershey's kiss and an m&m! (Those both need to become realities!)

  • Amy Timms Says:

    I've been using Pinterest for everything it seems! I love seeing others creativity but what I really love there is a picture attached to the project I liked, the way a room was decorated, etc.

  • Kbz Says:

    I use pinterest like an online post it note or dog-eared page in a magazine. It's a great way for me to organize recipes, crafts and keep my favorite quotes.

  • Arlene Says:

    I use pinterest to keep ideas, prompts and dreams in one place.

  • Loreta Says:

    I use it mostly to collect recipes.

  • stacie tamaki Says:

    I LOVE Pinterest and have been using it to catalog decorating ideas, DIY projects, and photos to look at that just make me happy or make me go ahhhhhhh. It's like a visual oasis on the internet. You can find me at http://pinterest.com/stacie_tamaki/

  • Lisa [With Style and Grace] Says:

    I've been using Pinterest as a platform to house inspiration, anything from decor, food to parties. It's great to have everything all in one place!

  • Allie B. Says:

    I love Pinterest. I used to clog my inbox with things, recipes, products that inspired me, but now I can track it all - visually (which is usually how it caught my eye to begin with) - with Pinterest.


  • Suneeti Says:

    I love pinning! I use Pinterest for:
    --tracking decor or design inspiration;
    --creating a virtual 'wishlist' of items for myself or others
    --gathering recipes
    --documenting great ideas for future use (be it decorations, projects, DIY)
    --sharing things I like with friends and strangers (a la twitter, but visually)
    --an generally creating a set of virtual 'tearsheets' (without all the paper clutter!)

    You can find me at http://pinterest.com/suneeti/

  • Tara Finlay Says:

    I use Pinterest for many reasons. I've been making recipes from my Beautiful Food and Entertaining Ideas board, pinning decorating ideas for the house I just moved into and DIY craft projects. But what I really like is the ability to share with others. My Ideas for Friends with Kids and Ideas for Friends Getting Married lets me remember and point to ideas for people in my life who don't pin, and maybe are too busy to search for ideas themselves, for their special little ones or special day. Here is a link to my boards: http://pinterest.com/tarafinlay/
    Pinterest is really very useful for visual types like me- bookmarks never cut it- I'd bookmark something and never go back to it. I reference my boards all the time. It's my favorite online service.

  • Melissa M Says:

    I love Pinterest because I use to bookmark things I liked on my computer or tear things out of a magazine that I liked. Then I could never find the things I wanted when I wanted them. Pinterest makes it so easy to find all of my ideas and inspirations!

  • tess Says:

    i love pinterest b/c its homemade items
    new ideas and new crafts and nice people
    tcogbill at live dot ocm

  • OCGardenJen Says:

    I use Pinterest to collect ideas for cool events for my clientele (I work in social media). I also used it recently to research 1960's hairstyles before I went to the OCBloggerBash which had a Mad Men theme.

    Pinterest is great for browsing. I used to browse etsy constantly (sorry etsy) but now I've switched over to Pinterest. So far, the folks that are using Pinterest seem to have really great taste and I find it is a more curated view of things I love.

    My handle on Pinterest is OCGardenJen

  • Tiffany Salvia Says:

    I use Pinterest to find new recipes and craft ideas. My favorite are all of the DIY pins! I am addicted to pinterest!

  • cindy b Says:

    I'm a fashion addict, especially when it comes to shoes, so on my pintrest page you will find manly fashion, most of them being shoes.

  • Dawn S Says:

    I found Pinterest two weeks ago because someone mentioned it on Twitter. Already, I am a complete addict!!! I LOVE it!!! I have been using it to find decorating ideas, recipes and DIY projects. It is so convenient that you can find someone who has similar taste and utilize ideas they have found on the web which you may have never come across.

  • Rhian Says:

    I love using pinterest for my wedding planning!

  • Stef McIrvin Says:

    I use Pintrest for finding new and inspiring recipes. I particularly love all of the yummy desserts and cocktails I can find from other users. Some people are just so creative!!

  • Lily Kwan Says:

    I like how fun Pinterest is!

  • Angie LeBlanc Says:

    I use piterest to keep track of crafting or cooking ideas, a lot of them inspire me to try something different. I use designs for inspiration in beading or drawing, as far as cooking, I have learned to adapt receipes to fit what my family likes, no one but me will eat chicken so I try pork as a substitute, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. I also like gadgets and tools so they are pinned also.

  • Tori Says:

    We agree Stef, so many creative pins! We are pinning our favorite recipes as well which makes us very hungry!

  • suzanne Says:

    I love pinterest because I find great cooking, crafting, upcycle, and tons more ideas to do yourself and also share with others! It's awesome!!

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