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Disorganized drawers be gone

Anytime we get a phone call, email, or post from a satisfied customer, we do the happy dance here at Daily Grommet. We especially love to hear how our Grommet discoveries make their way into your lives -- a gift happily received or a problem solver that makes your day-to-day lives a bit more enjoyable. A couple weeks ago, we got one of those emails from Julia Wright, a professional organizer. She wanted to tell us how she's been using Drawer Decor to help  clients who want to take back their drawers and clean out the clutter. Not only does Julia reaffirm how useful Drawer Decor is, but we're thrilled to know she's passing along this wonderful Grommet story.

Here's the note Julia sent us:

Hi Daily Grommet:  I'm a Professional Organizer, and when I saw the Drawer Decor on your site, I was blown away. It solves so many organizing problems, and offers such a nice bright pop of color in a drawer that it really makes life better.

I suggested Drawer Decor to a client who purchased the item and I was able to install it with ease. The grid system made it very easy to cut to fit. My client was over the moon about the colors, especially for the bathroom. The fact that they're silicone is the greatest feature, because it stops things from moving around in the drawer; everything stays in its place. The attachments that come with it are so well thought out, and I particularly liked the triangle shaped ones for holding round cups.

We'll be purchasing this for our own homes as well as continuing to recommend it to all of our clients. Thanks for introducing it to Genius Organizing.

Here are some before and after pics:

Bathroom drawer [Before]:

how to organize drawersBathroom drawer [After]:

how to organize drawers - BathroomCosmetics drawer  [Before]:

Cosmetics drawer [After]:

Looks great - thanks for sharing your Grommet success pictures with us, Julia.

We love hearing about how our Grommet finds fit into your everyday lives... keep the stories coming!


  • Nicole Says:

    Just wanted to let readers know that Genius Organizing is in NYC, so if anyone in the area wants this drawer organizer installed in their home or office, drop us a line!

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