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Dog-nomics 101

According to a survey by the American Pet Products Association, pet owners spent an estimated $56 billion on their pets in 2013 which is up 10% from just two years ago. As this growth trend continues, more Makers are showing up on the scene with innovative product offerings for pets and pet owners who are looking for the same style and conveniences they look for in their own lives.

When these intrepid Makers, also put their values, such as Made in the USA, behind their products, an economic revolution is put in motion.

Check out these stories of Makers, using their vision to create innovative products and a better world along the way.


Dean Russo

Inspired by his love of dogs and his urban surroundings, pop artist Dean Russo of Brooklyn, NY creates vibrant, colorful animal portraits. Using multiple mediums, Dean has an uncanny ability to look into the eyes of a cat or dog and capture their expressiveness on canvas.  Learn more and buy Dean Russo here.


Cheryl Pederson wanted to give her dog a tool to communicate, even when the house was noisy and full of activity.  The result was PoochieBells, a potty-training system that teaches dogs to ring bells hanging from a ribbon when they need to be let out.  Learn more and buy PoochieBells here.

Ruff Dawg

Ruff Dawg, the pet project of Dave Pentland, who owns Jefferson Rubber Works, a Massachusetts manufacturer of rubber products such as  hot water bottles, has re-tooled their lines to make dog toys that are durable yet easy on a canine’s teeth.  Learn more and buy Ruff Dawg here.

West Paw

West Paw, handcrafts their stylish and eco-friendly dog beds in Bozeman, Montana from materials that are also sourced from the US. Completely machine washable, this is the dog bed that effortlessly goes from car to crate to couch or wherever your pet lays his paws.  Learn more and buy West Paw here.

Calm Coat

Colorado company Calm Coat, has its roots in equine rescue. Jennifer Elliott saw many horses and other animals suffering from severe skin conditions. She developed an all-natural alternative to vet’s visits and steroid treatments. Calm Coat products have since been adapted to address a variety of skin issues that our house pets experience.  Learn more and buy Calm Coat here.

You can see all of our pet products and learn about the Makers and stories behind each one here.

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