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Doin' what it takes

I like these two pictures of Jen and Kate testing a potential Grommet.  I don't think this particular product made the cut, but I kept it out of the picture frame either way.   They are doing their thing on the little Wallis Court lane where we are located.  It really helps to be in the center of a town to do our testing.  More home like.  I can't imagine trying out the more adventurous Grommets in a downtown city setting. ( I WOULD like our office to have a proper kitchen, though.)


  • Jeff Hudson Says:

    It's good to see someone enjoying their job. If you lack a kitchen, your going to end up having to rectifying that oversight. My crystal ball predicts you'll be adding on or moving to a larger facility in the future.

  • julespieri Says:

    Your crystal ball is very clear and accurate Jeff. We do have a microwave and three little fridges. But the only sinks are in the bathrooms....kind of like an old NY apartment walkup.

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