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Dorm Room Bound? 6 Grommets to Bring Along

Summer is already flying by and if you’re a college student (like me) you’re already thinking about all the things you want for your dorm room next year. And if your a parent, aunt, or grandmother, you might be looking for cool gifts for college students (you know, to send them off with a little something special).

Have no fear, I've picked out six Grommets that will make any dorm room feel a bit more like home and help you stay on task.


dorm room ideas - smart phone alarm clock

Distil Union: The Snooze Alarm Dock

Do you miss being able to slap the snooze button on your alarm clock when using your iPhone’s alarm? If so, then the Snooze Alarm Dock by Distil Union is just what you need. All you have to do is download the free snooze app and slide your phone into the dock. Then you can slap and snooze all you want before your 8am class. Shop Now

 Daily system wall organizer - dorm room ideas

Three by Three: Sort it Out Caddy

The Sort it Out Caddy by Three by Three will make it easy to stay organized in college. This one little board has a dry erase weekly calendar, a spot for notes, hooks for keys and wallets, a slot for mail and pens, and a magnetic strip with magnets. The Sort it Out Caddy also comes with all the mounting hardware you need to hang it right on the wall. Put it next to your door and you can grab what you need as you run out the door. Shop Now

 decorating dorm room ideas

Archie's Press: Letterpress City Maps

Bring a piece of home with you in your artwork. These handmade letterpress maps feature original, hand drawn artwork that is purposefully minimalistic.   Shop Now

  organizer dorm room ideas

Cord Buddy: Glow - Lighted Cord Organizer

I always have trouble keeping my cords organized and finding the one I need which is why I love the Cord Buddy. It not only secures and organizes my cords, it also lights up when I get within 8 to 10 feet of it so I can find the cord I need even when the room is dark. Shop Now

 small speakers for dorm room

MuseMini: MuseMini Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker is great for listening to music while studying or for when you want to have some friends over on the weekend. With a quick 1-hour charge it will play your music for about 6 hours! Even better, its only 29.95 which is a great deal for a wireless speaker with such great sound quality.        Shop Now


PowerCube: Dual USB Outlet Adapter

Worried about fighting with your roommate over the available outlets? PowerCube solves that problem. This modern power socket includes two USB ports as well as four outlets. With the cube shape, there’s no worry about fitting larger adapters next to one another. Shop Now

Looking for more? Check out these 5 ways to decorate your dorm.


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    s'Cool must have Gadgets

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    Great. How much

  • Tori Says:

    Hi Anna, what Grommet are you interested in? You can click the photos or links above to be taken to a more detailed page of each.

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