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Dreaming of pink lobsters

Once a Grommet partner has successfully launched on Daily Grommet, it doesn't mean that our relationship ends there. In fact, it's quite the opposite. We work with our partners every day to amplify their story, we bump into them in the wild, and we're eager to hear about new stuff they're up to.

So last week when Grommet partner John Doherty from Fish Aye Trading, sent us an update about he new pink lobsters -- we were excited to hear from him! We asked John to stop by the blog and share with us (and you) the inspiration behind the addition of the pink lobsters to his line of fish rubbing prints.

from John:

As a springboard diver in High School and I always envisioned what I would be doing as I stood on the board. I'd picture the lead in steps, the air, the landing, before I would move a muscle. I must have carried that forward to my creative art work. I run ideas filled with color, size and presentation through my mind all the time then refine them until I see what I will try to create before I pick up a brush.

Sometimes the best idea's have come to me by accident or by just viewing something ordinary from a different perspective.

For example, I was watching a pro football game earlier in the fall (I don't even remember who was playing) and I started noticing pink sweat bans, pink socks and was then it was breast cancer awareness month and how it has effected someone I know. My mom was diagnosed in 1985 she was younger than I am now. She had six kids and a lot of faith. I'm happy to say she is a survivor and living on Cape Cod!

Which brings me to my PINK lobster. Art is wonderful because the creation has no-rules. I thought right there why don't I do a lobster in PINK and I could donate a portion of the proceeds to the Susan B. Koman foundation.

I don't know how many pink lobsters will sell, but I know that with the help of Daily Grommet, we could spread the word and maybe together can contribute some small part to the fight for a cure.

My best,



You bet John! Thank you for sharing your mom's inspiring story with us -- we say: pink lobsters for all!

See all of John's fish rubbing prints here.




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