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Dune Jewelry: A Sentimental Grommet In The Wild

Dune Jewelry ----------------------------------------------------------------The finished gift!


This past Spring, one of my oldest and closest friends got married on a picturesque beach in Napili Bay on the island of Maui. A Hawaiian wedding has been a longtime dream for her and while less people were able to attend, it truly was a dream come true. After deciding on the location, Lisa said to me “I need to take advantage of our ten days in Hawaii. I don’t know when and if we’ll ever have the chance to return.” I felt slightly sad that somewhere so special to her would be so far away without the knowledge of when another visit could take place.

Six months before the wedding, I began working at The Grommet. Browsing through the myriad of beautiful and useful Grommets, I spotted dune designs and watched the video where the founder, Holly Daniels Christensen, talked about her vision for the business and how much she loved creating the sentimental pieces of jewelry. This gave me an “aha” moment and I knew that I needed to get Lisa this jewelry for her wedding - sand from the beach where she would be married was the perfect idea. She may not have the chance to return to Hawaii for years, if that, but I wanted her to be able to carry a piece of Hawaii, and her wedding with her forever.

The tough part was that I needed to wait until she returned from the trip in order to send in the sand and start the process. I did give her a *hint* of what the gift would involve as I asked her to bring me back a small bag of sand from the beach where the ceremony would take place. In typical “busy bride” fashion, she forgot. Yet I had a back-up. Another friend who attended the wedding came through and a few weeks after their return, a box arrived at my doorstep with a Ziploc bag of sand inside.

After examining the sand myself, I put it back into the box and sent it off to dune designs. Another two weeks passed and I received the beautiful toggle bracelet with a lovely charm attached. Inside the charm, was the sand from Napili Bay. It was so beautiful and I couldn’t wait to call Lisa and tell her that her gift was ready and waiting! But I would then need to wait even longer to visit her as I wanted to make sure to deliver the gift in person. This wasn’t the kind of gift you can simply send in the mail and not offer an explanation as to the story behind it.

Unique Gifts: Dune Jewelry -----------------------------------------Lisa and her new husband studying and discussing the gift.


Finally, Labor Day weekend arrived and I was on my way to Portland, ME to visit Lisa and give her the gift. As she opened it, she said “Oh this is beautiful, wait...what’s this?" she asked, looking more closely at the charm. “That’s sand from the beach where you were married", I exclaimed happily.

“Oh my goodness, really?!” She was in total awe and said it was the most thoughtful gift she’d ever received. Later on, she told me that she couldn’t stop looking at it and started to reminisce about her time in Maui as she held onto the charm. As she and her new husband Ken looked at it together, they talked about where exactly on the beach they thought the sand was from and what a great job dune designs did with making the sand look as beautiful inside the charm as it did on the beach.

I’m thrilled that the gift was worth the very long wait and I know there’s nothing better than giving a special, sentimental gift to a friend.

 Dune Jewelry ----------------------------------------------------------------------Old friends!

What's the most sentimental gift you've ever received?


  • Donna Green Says:

    A pair of pink Converse high-top tennis shoes were hanging from my rear-view mirror on Valentine's Day, 1985!

  • Aileen Says:

    I would love to win Jule's sweet caramels...yum!

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