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Easy and inexpensive ways to spruce up your home style

Today we're featuring Skyflight Mobiles -- beautiful, hand-crafted and screen-printed moving pieces of art (which we've now hung all around the Daily Grommet office). And this gave us an idea for a blog post about easy and inexpensive ways to spruce up your home decorations - we hope you enjoy these ideas and share your own!

Easy and incouch-in-living-roomexpensive ways to spruce up your home style

by SLynnRo

It may come as a surprise to those of you who read my personal blog that I, girl who never knew an item from J. Crew she couldn’t justify, is pretty darn cheap in many other areas of her life. One of those areas where I am quite cost conscious is home décor. As a renter, I know that some time in the next few years, my husband and I will be purchasing a home. Because of this, we haven’t been particularly motivated to spend much decorating our current apartment. This is good and bad- good in that we are saving money. Bad in that well, we do still have to live in the meantime. It would be nice for our place to feel a little more homey.

So what are some simple, affordable ways to make your home feel more like a home, and less like a cubicle?

Fresh flowers -- for $10-20, you can get gorgeous bouquets that not only make your place smell great, they also provide a little boost of greenery to make your surroundings just a bit more warm. I like to purchase bouquets at our local organic grocery store, but you can also find great deals at farmers’ markets and floral wholesalers.

Brightly colored throw pillows -- you can make your old couch new again with some colorful pillows. I like to mix up solids and patterns to give new life to old furniture. Plus, you can change these for the seasons. Use florals for spring, primary colors in the summer, and heavier fabrics and textiles during colder seasons. Having a few different sets of pillows on hands can be an instant boost. You can do the same thing in the bedroom.

Patterned dish towels -- we always have few towels hanging on our oven handle. Spending $5-10 on festive dishtowels will spruce up your kitchen immediately.

Lampshades -- change out your boring white lampshades with hued or patterned ones to dress up your light sources.

Colored kitchen gadgets -- you have to have mixers and blenders and toasters to cook. Why not get them in a bold color and leave them out on your counters?

Framed calendar pages -- buy a beautiful calendar and frame the photos from each month. Cheap art is a great way to decorate your walls on a budget!

What are some of your favorite affordable décor ideas?


  • Su Chin Says:

    I love your "pillow" ideas. Why didn't I think of that before? Heh..

    I bought some very nice inexpensive Jap Fabric, stapled it over some cheap blank canvases, and everyone thinks I bought them! Wayyy cool!

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