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Eco Friendly Finds

Going "green" it is for anyone who wants to take one step today towards doing better by the Earth. Here are several products that can help you get started.

Pearls Premium

 If you love a green lawn but dread the maintenance, check out Pearl’s Premium grass seed. It was developed by environmentalist Jackson Madnick, who spent six years researching lawns that grow slowly, require less water and don’t need chemical fertilizers to thrive. Grow an easy organic lawn this spring.


These reusable grocery and produce bags are designed to maintain optimal humidity and air flow which will keep fruits and vegetables fresher, longer. ChicoBags eliminate the need for single use plastic bags -- a much more earth friendly way to grocery shop!



Tap the sun with the eGear 5-in-1 solar travel kit. The base stores energy from the sun, and you can use it to power five different attachments: a small LED flashlight, radio, fan, reading light or USB charger. You just choose the component you want, then slide it onto the body until it clicks into place.




The “Zero” nylon messenger bags from Rickshaw Bagworks is designed to eliminate wasted material. Scraps created during production are used in the bags and shipping materials, so nothing gets tossed. Read more about this here.



Why toss wool balls into your dryer? We’ve discovered lots of reasons. They’re a clean, natural alternative to conventional dryer sheets and fabric softeners. They can cut drying time by as much as 40%. Plus, these handmade wool dryer balls are great for reducing static electricity and fluffing out wrinkles.


Evan Healy

 Evan Healy takes a different approach to skincare. As a trained aesthetician, Evan believes in the skin’s ability to achieve optimal balance with just a minimum of help. All the products in her evanhealy line are made from organic, plant-based ingredients, and there are no perfumes added. These organic skincare products will have you looking great and feeling wonderful about the ingredients you are putting on your skin.



Let’s start with the obvious question: What is this thing? Lunette is a sylicone menstrual cup, a reusable enviornmentally-friendly alternative to tampons and pads that collects the menstrual flow rather than absorbs it. 


Better Life

Sage, lavender, chamomile and coconut oil sound more like ingredients in a facial cream than a household cleaner,  but that’s the beauty of these incredible cleaners from Better Life. More than 99% of the ingredients used in Better Life’s non toxic cleaning products are natural or derived from natural, renewable resources.



The name Zkano is derived from a Native American word that describes “a state of being good.” That sentiment perfectly captures describes these organic cotton socks -- good for the environment and good for the people who wear them.

Looking for more eco-friendly products? You can see more by browsing our  Green Product gift guides.


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    I love the idea of jokey yokey....what a terrific product...can't wait to order some for my next family celebration!

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