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Eco jewelry spares the earth, spoils the lucky wearer

Get your green on with chic eco accessories that have the perfect mix of sustainability and elegance. Eco-friendly fashion and green jewelry let you express your creative side and at the same time support artisans and craftspeople who are committed to responsible design and manufacturing practices.

 Polarity Recycled Magnetic Locket

Polarity - Recycled Magnetic Locket

Industrial lockets are crafted from recycled steel auto parts and personalized with quirky graphics created by Cat Ivins and her indie artist collaborators. Buy Polarity interchangeable magnetic lockets here.

 Couture Planet Handbags

Couture Planet - Handbags

Connie Carman turns the fashion pages of the New York Times into chic, eco-friendly handbags. Each one-of-a-kind bag is finished by hand. Buy Couture Planet's recycled newspaper purse here.

 Rickshaw Bagworks

Rickshaw Bagworks - "Zero" Messenger Bags

There's room for everything in these innovative messenger bags, except waste. All fabric scraps get used in the bags, so nothing gets tossed. Buy Rickshaw Bagwork's nylon messenger bags here.

 GreenSewn Sari Scarves

GreenSewn - Sari Scarves

GreenSewn collects vintage silk saris and transforms them into colorful scarves and wraps that are as eco-friendly as they are chic. Buy Green Sewn vintage silk scarves here.

 Switch Gear Interchangeable Jewelry Kits

Switch Gear - Interchangeable Jewelry Kits

These sculptural jewelry kits put you in the designer's seat. Just add on different hoops, loops and disks to create your own earrings and necklaces. Buy Switch Gear's interchangeable earring kit here.

 The Hole Thing-Colorful Felted Garland

The Hole Thing-Colorful Felted Garland -

Be hip in a crafty sort of way. Louise Cady-Fernandes works with recycled wool to make these necklaces, pins and strands of gorgeous garland. Buy The Hole Things' unique handcrafted felted garland and accessories here.

Tia’s Freestyle Sandals

Tia’s Freestyle Sandals were a big hit at Daily Grommet; a versatile shoe design using interchangeable, recycled silk saris for tops. Create your own unique styles with these make-your-own sandals. Buy Tia’s freestyle sandals here.

Naturally Knotty

Naturally Knotty bamboo wraps are beautiful, affordable, soft, durable and, of course, eco-conscious. These pashmina wraps are perfect for a casual day or dressed up for a night out. Buy Naturally Knotty, bamboo cashmere pashmina shawl here.


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