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Egg-stra verification please

Today, we're featuring hand painted eggs from Ukraine, so as you can imagine, it was an effort to get these over here. Last week, early morning, Steve went to the Airport Cargo bay to pick up these eggs and I told him to give me a call if there were any problems.

The carrier was requiring that he present some written proof that he was authorized to pick these up so he asked me for a handwritten letter signed by someone with an attached business card proving that he was from Daily Grommet. I went over to Kate and June to see if either of them could write something up. Kate wrote something quickly and instead of scanning it she just told me to take a picture of her holding both and sent it over. It was all pretty funny on our end but then Steve called me 2 minutes later saying everyone was cracking up by the cargo bay as well.

We love that each day brings something new and somehow each Grommet we feature, ends up having it's own unique behind the scenes story. It's never boring around here!

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