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Entrepreneur Tips: How to Avoid Burn-Out

Here at The Grommet, we work with hundreds of Partners, all of which wear many hats within their own companies.  It takes someone driven, creative and dedicated to launch a company and our Partners fit the bill. Sometimes we wonder, how do they do it all? Successful entrepreneurs, like the driven ones we work with, often have specific ways they find balance and re-charge. We love to learn from others and hear how they manage it all, so we asked a few of our  Partners to share their entrepreneur tips to achieving balance and their unique ways they find center again.

Entrepreneur Tips


P.S. We're taking notes!


  • My routine for centering is 15 minutes of meditation followed by an hour of Hot Yoga! Works like a charm. - Shelly Coffman of PoppyDrops


  • A day where we can take her mid afternoon to walk & re-energize is the best kind of day. My sister Lauren & I take walks with our parents dog, Mackenzie. -Ali and Lauren Borowick from Fatty Sundays & Co.


  • Sit up straight, stretch, smile, laugh, swim on hot days, enjoy music & dance! -Roxi Sugar of angelrox


  • We  have a daily "15 min fun" where we pick themed music "80's", "classic", "broadway".. . and crank it for 15 min to take a break! - Michelle Gold of BUTCH &  harold


We hope these tips are helpful. Have others? Please share your tips on finding that work/life balance in the comments below.

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