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EXTRA INNINGS: Updates from Blu2Green!


This week, we're continuing our updates from some of our teams at our Product Pitch competition last March. We love watching how these companies are evolving and tracking their success!

Below you’ll see some great updates from the Blu2Green team as they're in the midst of their very first crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo. If you feel strongly about their company, click "Contribute Now" on their Indiegogo page next to their video!

They're educating us on just how much waste is created by hospitals each year. Did you know that over 1 million pounds of blue wrap you see at hospitals is thrown away each year? That's an equivalent to the weight of 250 cars! Learn more on their Indiegogo page here .

We also got the chance to catch up with the team recently to find out how everything is going and what it's been like to launch a crowdfunding campaign (not an easy process)!

Read more of our conversation below.

The Grommet:  

What was it  like to create the video for your campaign? What was the biggest challenge you faced? What was the most rewarding aspect?


In thinking about what we wanted to show the world, we first asked ourselves “what is unique about what we are doing?”  One of the daunting figures that we came to understand about blue wrap is the amount that is thrown away each year (over a million pounds).  We used this figure to frame our video, as we wanted to graphically depict what a million pounds looks with varying subjects.  It was fun coming up with the concept for the video as we could choose anything to represent the sheer magnitude of a million pounds. We then visited all of our work sites and recorded every part our recycling and production process.  The next step was to write a script to properly narrate the story.  The combination of these three tenets created our video!

Biggest challenge: Deciding how to frame the video – we had to think of a creative and professional way to communicate our mission.

Most rewarding aspect: Sitting down with the team and watching the video from beginning to end for the first time.  It’s so gratifying to see our hard work come together.  In a funny way, it was the first time we could appreciate what we were doing from an objective point of view.  Very rewarding.


The Grommet:  

What do you plan to use the funds for?


We plan on using the funds to buy proper equipment for production and a box truck to transport the blue wrap. We also want to  seek and employ designers in addition to establishing new programs that support the hiring of people with disabilities.


The Grommet: 

How have you used Indiegogo as a resource when creating your campaign?


We have consulted with IndieGoGo representatives on our campaign to weed out the weaker ideas and refine our content.  We were sent much literature about the do’s and don’ts of creating a campaign.  This was vital as it was the first campaign we have ever created and for it to be successful, we needed some seasoned advice.


The Grommet:  

Since the product pitch competition, what are some of the "big win's" you've seen for Blu2Green?


Since the product pitch event, we've surpassed some big milestones. We were chosen to provide Blu2Green products at a first annual Work Without Limits conference, called ‘Raise the Bar Hire!’  This was an amazing experience for us as we were given the chance to showcase our conference tote bags and speak out about hiring people with disabilities.  The conference itself was put on to educate and give testimony to the successes of employing people with disabilities.  Massachusetts is one of the most prominent states for employing people with disabilities so we're proud to be a part of this community. We were also named one of Boston Business Journals's "5 Startups to Watch" last May.

You can help support Blu2Green in their crowdfunding campaign by clicking "Contribute Now". 

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