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EXTRA INNINGS: Updates from Blu2Green!



This week, we're continuing our updates from some of our teams at our Product Pitch competition in March. We love watching how these companies are evolving and tracking their success!

Did you have a favorite team at our Product Pitch event and can’t wait to see what they’re up to? Follow along here and watch their progress. Below you’ll see some great news from the Blu2Green team.



The Blu2Green team was thrilled to see their first big piece of press last month! They were featured in the Boston Business Journal's Startup Watch: 5 to Follow. They are a brand new company that hasn't even launched yet, so every milestone is a big one. We recently caught up with the team to see what's new and how they feel about this first piece of press. Check out our Q & A with Gavin Bodkin from Blu2Green below.


The Grommet: Is this your first "big" piece of press for your company?

Blu2Green: Yes! We had some great exposure from the Product Pitch event, but this is the largest piece of press we've received to date since then.  We couldn't be more thrilled. We've already emailed all of our fans to relay the news!


The Grommet: What does it mean to you and your co-founder? Do you see it as a milestone?

Blu2Green: My co-founder, Chris and I consider this a great achievement for the company and hope to continue with the momentum it has given us.  For startups, every piece of the puzzle that's put in place seems to be worthy of celebration - this is no exception.  We are honored to have been chosen as the Top 5 Startups of the Week, and hope to continue representing Boston as best we can.


The Grommet: Any further inquires from other outlets since this published?
Blu2Green: We have been contacted by a few local organizations and have made some wonderful new business connections.  We've realized that even small pieces of press can go a long way.


The Grommet: What's next on your "press wish list"?

Blu2Green: We would like to be featured in Boston.com and the Boston Herald when we open our store!  Our necktie will be our first product for sale!  We'd also love an in-depth exposé on our operations, preliminary products, business ideas and future goals.  They're important pieces of our own puzzle and we'd like to share them with the world.


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