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EXTRA INNINGS: Updates from MAX'IS Creations

This week we kicked off a new series here on the blog called EXTRA INNINGS.  Did you have a favorite team at our Product Pitch event and can’t wait to see what they’re up to? Follow along here and watch their progress. Below you’ll see some great news from the MAX'IS Creations team.

 Thanks for the updates, Jennifer (Jennifer is Max's mom)!

product launch, MAX'IS Creations

Max and his brother taking in the sights at Fenway Park at the product pitch competition.




Greetings from MAX’IS Creations.  It has been a whirlwind few weeks since being named a finalist in the Product Pitch at Fenway and winning the popular community vote.

A larger cause....

When we heard that Daily Grommet was partnering with Indiegogo to launch crowd-funding campaigns on behalf of the finalists, we wanted to use the opportunity to do more than simply raise money for MAX’IS Creations.  So we created a campaign that allowed Max to not only foster interest in his patent pending “Mug with a Hoop” but also to raise awareness and support for the upside of dyslexia.  The support for Max’s campaign in the dyslexia world has been very rewarding.  His campaign was even tweeted about by the British Dyslexia Association and others involved in the dyslexia cause.  Just the other day the link between creativity and dyslexia was featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.  We think that Max seeing a basketball hoop where others just see a mug is a great example of one of the tenets of the Carroll School:  “People with dyslexia see the world differently, isn’t the world lucky that they do.”  And today, Max received a priceless email from a 27 year old CEO, who himself is dyslexic, offering both encouragement and business support to Max as he proceeds with his new venture.

product launch, MAX'IS Creations

Max promoting his product at Brueggers Bagels Bakery


Lest this be mistaken for a purely philanthropic effort, this 8-year entrepreneur is focused on selling his product and raising capital.  Yesterday morning, Max woke up at the crack of dawn and headed to Bruegger’s bakery in Weston Center to showcase his “Mug With a Hoop.”  He made some presales, collected some donations, and sent many home with a flyer telling them how to log into Indiegogo to contribute to his online campaign.  He also engaged in some friendly competition with Daily Grommet alumna Wendy Chandor’s boys Peter and Ryan who were raising funds for their baseball team!


product launch, MAX'IS Creations

Max meets with lawyers about patents (and has some fun!)

Other highlights this week were sitting down with our Patent team, Travis Johnson of Ascentage Law and Cynthia Gilbert of Hyperion Law at the Cambridge Innovation Center.  In addition to patent strategy, Max learned that lawyers could also have fun with his invention!


Our first few weeks since the event have also held some struggles.  We are working hard to find lower cost manufacturing options in the United States and are aware of the difficulties that go along with that. We hope to have some good news in this area soon!


product pitch, MAX'IS Creations

Max runs to the computer after school to check on his Indiegogo campaign!

Even with ups and downs, Max has his sights set on the big picture: selling his mugs and generating interest for his venture.  He will be showcasing his prototype and selling his mugs at the upcoming Rich Altman Sports Memorabilia Convention in Wilmington next weekend.  He even has autographs (of his prototype) lined up with Celtics Legends:  Bill Walton, Bill Russell, John Havlicek and Sam Jones!  Although Max is the first to remind people that he is too young to have actually seen them play!


More from MAX'IS Creations team soon. Be sure to catch all of the EXTRA INNINGS here.


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