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One Grommet's playful partnership

The companies we feature always have such rich stories. From humble beginnings, a spark of an idea-- it never gets old peeling back the layers of these great companies and the creative minds behind them. Understanding  just how these great business came to be and what great things they are doing, is a great perk of what we do. That's why we wanted to share a bit more about Fairytale Brownies today—and highlight something really cool they've been working on.

Partnering with KaBOOM! (the national nonprofit that helps communities build playgrounds), Fairytale Brownies Co-Founders Eileen Spitalny and David Kravetz believe that they can do more for children and promote the importance of play. Eileen and David met while playing on their kindergarten playground at Madison Heights Elementary School in Phoenix, Ariz., in 1971, so a KaBOOM! partnership is a natural fit for Fairytale Brownies.

Since 2001, the company has been donating brownies and funds to KaBOOM!, the national nonprofit that helps communities build playgrounds, but this year, Fairtyale’s focus will be to raise funds to construct a KaBOOM! playspace in the Phoenix area.

"We’ve helped fund and build playspaces in several Arizona cities, Chicago, Mississippi and New York, but other companies were the main funding partners,” Eileen said. “Now our goal is to fund a  special playspace in Phoenix that will truly be a fairytale for the children to experience."

Fairytale customers are playing a significant role in funding the playspace. Through their purchase of special occasion bands (Thank You, Congratulations, Happy Birthday and Thinking of You), a portion of the cost is donated to KaBOOM! Customers also are able to give the “Gift of Play” by opting to donate $1 to any purchase made when ordering online at www.brownies.com. In 2009, Fairytale customers contributed more than $3,000 by adding $1 Gift of Play to their online orders.

Although the Fairytale playspace physically will be in Arizona, Fairytale Brownies’ customers all over the world can be proud knowing they are helping to promote play. Now that's a sweet Grommet!


  • Julie Northrop Says:

    Isn't it amazing how just $1 can make such a huge difference? Kudos to both Eileen and David for giving back to the community and for providing us all with their heavenly Fairytale Brownies!

  • Julia Says:

    GREAT project! (And GREAT love story!) Well done, Eileen and Dave!

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