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"Fall" into Daily Grommet

Hello Grommet family!

I'm Danielle, the new intern here at the Daily Grommet offices. I've been given a warm welcome here and I'm excited to be working with such an inspiring and motivated group of people. Although I've only been working here for a short time I can already feel it's having an impact on the choices I make.

Like Claire and Julia, I majored in industrial design at SCAD; I hope I can live up to their good example! Savannah is a beautiful city  full of Grommets (think Savannah Bee Honeycomb and The Charles Collection Clock) and one of the only drawbacks to living there for four years was missing out on Autumn in New England.  In addition to the beautiful weather and scenery, Fall always seems to be a great time for a fresh start.  What a great time to start at the Daily Grommet! I've decided to focus my fresh-start efforts on being more "Grommety". Here are a few Fall activities that are just that.

Pick your own:
An apple picking trip is always a good time.  You get to spend some time in the fresh air, most likely with friends or family, picking (ok, and eating) fruit right off the tree. Lots of places that offer apple picking will also have little petting zoos, hayrides, and tours of the orchard.  On the tours you can learn more about the different kinds of apples, and how they're grown and picked. It's supporting local farms, and picking them yourself eliminates the need for shipping, handling, and packaging. You can make your trip even more eco-friendly by bringing your own expandable reusable bag to tote home your apples! Another plus... delicious apple baked goods!

Attend a Fair!
Autumn is host to all kinds of fairs which are all kinds of fun. They're a good place make connections with people, support local craftsmen and vendors, and try some homemade treats... a Grommet-lovers heaven (We have been on some very successful fair trips recently - like the Limelight Marketplace). You can also save some pieces from a landfill by browsing antique and vintage finds.  Usually with a little bit of love you can bring a unique piece back to life.

Temperature control  (or lack thereof):
It may be starting to get a bit chilly in some places, but Autumn weather is usually nice enough to turn off the AC, throw open the windows and wait a while to put the heat on. Getting a little bit cold is just a great excuse to have an impromptu dance party to warm up. Need a little extra coziness? Slip on some organic socks, brew a steamy cup of Adagio Tea, or have a campfire!

I hope this inspired you to go out and get the most out of Fall! What Autumn plans are you making? Are any of them Grommet-inspired?


  • Claire Says:

    Great post Danielle! Glad to see you are getting into the blogging already....I know you'll keep the legacy of SCAD Industrial Designers at Daily Grommet going strong. Can't wait to hear what else you write about!

  • Tori Says:

    Thrilled to have you on board here at Daily Grommet. Your enthusiasm is contagious and glad to hear you are already feeling at home!

  • Jeanne Says:

    Your passion for all things Grommet is so fun, Danielle. Love your perspective and discovery of Grommets that inspire you; looking forward to seeing where your journey with us will lead you. Welcome!

  • Mark Chapdelaine Says:

    Hey Danielle, Your first blog/grommet was awesome and very timely for me. I went to the Lunenburg Primary School today and homemade apple cider with the second grade kids. They loved it! It's a great fall activity that's sooooo New England! The cider was yummy! I'm so proud of you Danielle. Keep up the good work! Just think...two weeks ago I didn't know what a Grommet was....Now I am one! Love ya, Dad

  • Danielle Says:

    @Claire... I hope so! Thanks for paving the way.

    @Tori & Jeanne... Thank you! I'm really so happy to be a part of Daily Grommet!

    @Dad... You'll always be a Grommet in my book. :)

  • Nancy Chapdelaine Says:

    Dan...you're so inspiring and well spoken. I'm so happy to have you home this fall to enjoy all the things you missed while you were at SCAD. And to have you working right in our back yard is fabulous. I've always enjoyed your writing and now I'll be able to read it on a regular basis. To the Daily Grommet folks, you have no idea how wonderful it has been to have Danielle's first job extremely enjoyable and fulfilling. Hearing Danielle come home each and every day and say many times over, "I love my job", is music to our ears. Our family is going to enjoy the "grommeting experiences" as much as possible. Love you, Mom

  • Danielle Says:

    Thanks, Mom!

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