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Farewell Lexington, The Grommet is on the Move!

We've had a lot of "big moments" happen at our quiet HQ located in Lexington, MA  (which is a classic Victorian  that used to be someone's home).  When we moved in over four years ago, we had just a handful of employees and a porch adorned with Morning Glories.  The space almost seemed too big and  back then we filled the extra space  with our skyscraper-sized dreams.

Over the years we grew and filled the space to the brim (with more people and bigger dreams). This forced us to take our meetings outdoors, plug into bathroom outlets, and eventually  move some of the team (and make room for new members), occupying two additional buildings on this sleepy street. The space saw its fair share of Grommet testing in the summer, a couple dark days in the winter, and we really became one with the heart of Lexington (including our weekly walk through of the farmers' market). But alas, there are bigger things (and spaces!) ahead. The Grommet is moving!

Our team gathered today on the front steps of our original Lexington office for a farewell photo.


The Grommet team in Lexington

What's in store for The Grommet's new HQ? You can bet more space! For the rest of the details, you'll have to check back next week!


  • Rita Says:

    I love the idea, the site, and the tenacity of the co-founders.
    I wish you well.
    I will shop your site.

    Rita Lindsey,
    Nurse from Lawrence, KS.

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