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Farm babies and yarn for eco-conscious knitters and spinners.

Spring on a farm can mean only one thing -- Farm Babies! 

Farm babies

Adorable twin goat kids are the first new members born this spring into the Angora goat herd at the Juniper Moon Farm outside of Charlottesville, VA, and they will be watched and adored mostly via the Internet by knitters and spinners waiting for the fall shear and the opportunity to knit their fleece. 

Juniper Moon Farm owner Susan Gibbs is the originator of the yarn and fiber CSA (community supported agriculture), and she sells shares of both her spring and fall yarn harvests to eco-conscious shareholders who get not just beautiful yarn but also membership in a community that supports this small farm and seeks a deeper connection to its wool.  Susan posts pictures and videos of her goats, Cormo sheep and Maremma livestock guardian dogs on her blog (http://www.fiberfarm.com/blog) and also offers a peek into the life of a farmer who loves what she does and who doesn't shy away from showing how hard it can sometimes be to pursue her dream.

At the same time, she teaches shareholders about caring for livestock. Juniper Moon animals enjoy a natural diet of fresh Virginia pasture and hay for most of the year, and they’re well tended throughout their lives by Susan and her small team.  She also shares the many steps in raising these animals and processing their fleece.  In fact, if you own a share, you can track it from the Shearing Day harvest to the long road trip Susan’s farm hands make to a small family-owned mill that turns the wool roving into yarn and then back to the farm where the yarn can be hand dyed and then shipped out to you. 

And this year, the whole cycle starts with these two newborn Angora goats, Gonzo and Camilla.  They’re named after Muppet characters because the shareholders held an online vote.

Farm babies

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