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Favorite Grommet Comments: This might make you "Blush"


Last week we featured a revolutionary under-garment, which excited a lot of us who don't love the look of "muffin tops" above our low-rise jeans.  Or those of us who don't think our bellies or backs need to show between a shorter shirt and said type of pants.  Blush Strapless Undershirts met rave reviews on our site, and we especially loved this comment from Annie:

I L.O.V.E. the Blush!! I wore one almost every day of my last trimester when I was pregnant and found that it was VERY handy afterwards in hiding my flub-o-chubs after having a baby. I had my baby is the spring and wore one during the summer and found it was much cooler than wearing a full shirt under my clothes to add an extra layer and keep me modest while nursing. I can't say enough good things about it. I think it's priced just right, offers flexibility, and is a fabulous product. I've even wore it as a tube top to cover up the spot that was a bit too low on my shirt so I didn't show too much cleavage!! I think they are fabulous! :o)

"Flub-o-chub" is now one of our new favorite words.  Thanks, Annie!

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