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Favorite Grommet Comments

spotlight1We've noticed something funny here.  Folks who comment in our "Talk about this Grommet" area have been thanking the people behind the products we feature.  Sometimes they even thank us for telling the story of a great product.

I mean, they don't just say, "cool product" or "I'll keep this in mind".  They say, "thank you for creating this".  Could there be a more generous compliment to a product creator?  Case in point: during our feature on Psi Bands -- a fashionable and drug-free remedy for nausea, Theresa wrote the following:

Thank you Romy and Carla for developing a product that is safe and effective during pregnancy. These days moms are more aware and concerned about what goes in our bodies and the possible impact on the baby but with PSI Bands you have created a solution to a common problem and kept it completely safe for mom and baby -- perfect!
This is a great part of what we do.  We give you the chance to say thanks, or ask questions, or give feedback and suggestions to the people behind the products.  Theresa, we think Romy and Carla have created something pretty awesome, too.  Thanks for taking the time to say, um, well -- thanks.

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