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Finding my inspiration, design blogs

As a designer, I love looking around for inspiration and am always looking for new things from unexpected places. One of the best ways I like to find inspiration is through reading design blogs. There are so many out there that sometimes its easy to get a little lost wading through them all. I have a list pages long of blogs that I love and love reading. However, I decided to highlight three of them here; hopefully I can help to inspire some of you!
Design Sponge is one of those sites that doesn't just have design; they have everything from do-it-yourself crafts to home decor. I love the way their site is presented;  I can spend days just reading through their blog posts. Recently, I was captivated by a post that they did all about pendant lamps under $100; all of the lamps were so beautiful! Even better, they tell you where you can buy each of the products they display and the price.
Dezeen is one of those design blogs that is a designer's dream. They offer pure industrial design, to furniture design, to exhibit design, to architecture. I love that every time I check on their site, I find a new and interesting idea or design. Sometimes I even find what my favorite designers have been coming out with. I have also discovered many of my now favorite designers through this site just from reading their blog. I recently stumbled upon a young designer named Nicola Zocca, who joins all of her furniture by shrinking plastic around the joints. Cool, huh?
There are some design blogs that are also magazines. I am sure many of you have heard of Dwell magazine; after all, its on display at many grocery store check out stands. I love reading Dwell both on and offline because of the way they showcase modern and tasteful design. They are always presenting the newest and most innovative designs - and a lot of things I never knew about! I also love that they include stories about not just designers but photographers and artists as well. I recently saw this article about architectural photographer Julius Shulman; he carried out over 7,000 sessions with 70,000 negatives over the span of about 70 years. Thanks to Dwell, I found out and learned about an amazing artist I would not have normally known about.
These are just three of my favorite design blogs. I think if I had listed all of my favorites and why I like them, this post would take up more a couple of pages. I love learning about new blogs and am constantly looking for more inspiration - whether it is industrial design, photography, food or craft.

Now I want to know: what's your favorite blog and why?



  • Paula Cheadle-Hume Says:

    Actually, my favourite design blog is not a blog at all. Etsy.com is one of the more amazing design spots on the net. Sometimes it takes a little digging because there are so very many categories, but it can be really interesting and inspiring..

  • Enas Says:

    i agree with Paula i like esty but also love petunia pickle bottom for some fashion ideas who knew !

  • lexan koenig Says:


    raw food blog, written by a very talented 24 year old raw food chef in california. between the food and the commentary, she keeps me laughing!

  • Claire Says:

    I do love Etsy! Such fantastic finds on there :) Thank you all for the comments! I will definitely check out those blogs

  • Julieann/CreateGirl Says:

    There are so many great design blogs these days it is hard to narrow them done. I tend to find ones that each have their own feel. A few of my favorites are Coco+Kelley, Plush Palate, Frolic, ABCDDesigns, & Verdigris Vie. If you are interested in even more check out the blogroll on my blog - CreateGirl! Have fun!

  • Claire Says:

    Wow! Thanks Julieann! I already read ABCDDesigns, but I have not heard of the other ones before; I am definitely going to check them out (as well as your blog, too). Thanks for the comment!

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