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Finding The Perfect Pet

WildCreationsMy family has its share of family pets. We have a dog, a cat and a fish. I am not a dog or cat "person" per se, but my kids (and husband) love them to pieces so that makes them worth it. The Betta fish is kind of, well, useless but it was a gift that friends of ours gave my younger son for his third birthday. For such a small fish, I am amazed at how quickly his little tank gets dirty and starts emitting a distinct "aroma." Every week or so I clean out his container and I'm a little, shall we say, overwhelmed.

When I was sent the story for the Wild Creations African Frogs Eco-System I found it fascinating. The tank only needs to be cleaned every five to six months. That's only twice a year. The kit comes with two frogs who only need to be fed twice a week. This is every mother's low-maintenance dream. I suggested that we get some for our kids for Christmas but my husband reminded me that in addition to the dog, cat and fish, we have chickens. We've also promised the kids they can get some bunnies in the spring. We may live on an acreage but how many pets do we really need?

I see his point, I guess, though I think the frogs are adorable. We have a lot of friends and family with small kids scattered across the country. I've bookmarked the Wild Creations site so that I can be known as the BEST AUNTIE EVER.

Buy Wild Creations' pet frog eco-aquarium here.


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