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First Time Tips from an Unofficial Brimfield Antique Show Guide

I absolutely love The Brimfield Antique Show. I mark my calendar every year for the May, July & September show dates, and aim to make it to at least a couple of the shows to enjoy a “me day." I totally geek out over all the pretty treasures -- I love spending the whole day wandering around, sifting through the piles of odd & ends, and filling my truck up with gems (most always huge oversized pieces of furniture). I could easily outfit several homes with my basement + attic stockpiles!

 Brimfield flea market | Tips

I have been going every year for more than a decade now, and have "guided" more than a dozen friends through their first time.

Brimfield Antique Show


Here are some of my tips on making your first Brimfield trip successful:

1. Plan to spend the whole day. You really need a dedicated chunk of time to get the most of the day (and make the drive, traffic, and remote parking worth it).

2. Hit the show mid-week. Not all the vendors are open Opening Day, Sat & Sun the crowds are huge and the selection is picked over. Try to go Wednesday or Thursday.

3. Bring a large tote bag for carrying smaller purchases. You will want to keep your hands free. I always seem to come home with a handful of smaller items -- hardware, serving bowls, linens. You will need a place to put them.

4. If you are in the market for furniture, consider renting a UHAUL or borrowing a truck. The show does have a lots a great porters and many vendors will offer shipping, but it can get expensive.

 5. Start in the middle. Brimfield is made up of several different independent markets. I always start with Mays Antique Market & New England Motel, then make my way from there.

 6. Always negotiate. There are no set prices at Brimfield. In fact, most items are not even marked. Name your price.

 7. Bring hand wipes, hand sanitizer, snacks & lots of water. The food stands are far and few between, and porta potties are your only option for a bathroom.

 8. Have fun, talk to the shop owners, and learn their story. Brimfield vendors come from all over the country, have interesting stories themselves, and many are great about recalling the history behind the item you are interested in buying.

(I'll leave you with one last images, these metal letters just spell out "possibility" don't they?)

Tips for the Brimfield Antique Show


If you've been to Brimfield Antique Show? I'd love to know your tips. Please leave them below!


  • Dennis Says:

    A compact umbrella is useful for both rain and shine; both can be intense at Brimfield. Lightweight boots or Totes prevent soggy feet.

  • Inda Says:

    My favorite place in the world!
    Bring alternate footwear, sunhat (or avoid July)
    Bag Lady Cart...don't be embarrassed, it's a necessity...with tote bags inside,
    and bubble wrap for fragile stuff.
    And I recommend staying overnight in Sturbridge, then you have the evening to think about what you might want to go back for...but get up early, or you have a two hour bumper-to-bumper drive back to Brimfield!

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