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Five ways to be human at a distance

handsThe social media maven Chris Brogan sent out a newsletter yesterday that was jam packed with good advice.  His section on "Five ways to be a human at a distance" held a surprising point.   I've heard he's very appealing, but I thought he might be all about sending warm pixels.  However, he actually wrote:

5.) Send paper cards. This has been great lately, this trend of people sending personal cards in the mail. I got one from Beth Dockins at Scotts and I felt so happy. It was very personable. I just ordered 100 blank note cards and will buy stamps so I have no excuse not to send them.

I was delighted to see Chris highlight this wonderful, trusted way to maintain a personal connection with someone.  In my early career I used to follow every phone call to a sales prospect with a personal hand-written letter.  It was time consuming, but I was always remembered afterwards.  And my sales numbers in that job spoke for themselves....those letters helped.  So this is just not a "make your grandmother happy" insight...Chris is also talking about building meaningful business relationships.

jackie tFor that reason, I always keep a stash of note cards handy, both at home in the office.  I hear that Jackie Kennedy was a world-class thank you note writer, by the way.  I try to channel her when I am trying to be appreciative and articulate at the same time.

And as these things go, just when you are thinking of a topic, it comes across your path.  Minutes ago,  Joanne and I had a front porch chat with Karen Battles of B Designs, the creator of our very early fourth Grommet...the charming letterpress note system,  Desktop Caddy.  She said,

I'm on a mission to help people keep paper and note writing in their everyday lives.  That's why I keep our cards small.  It doesn't have to be a big long old-fashioned letter.  Just two lines is enough to make someone really happy.

Two lines.  Anyone can write two lines, no?


  • Barbara Says:

    So true, Jules. Several years ago I worked as a Product Manager at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City. One of the tag lines we used at the time was "Cards Work", because they really do. Cards, notes, anything with a personal touch is so valued today.

  • The Grommet Grill with Chris Brogan Says:

    [...] Chris Brogan. Chris is no doubt an digital-influencer, however we were most impressed with his mission to send handwritten thank you notes.   Pen or pixel, we knew Chris would have some great answers to our Grommet Grill — and we [...]

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