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For National Thank You Day — Thank YOU

There's a good chance you've never heard of National Thank You Day, but at The Grommet, we consider it a national holiday. It provides us with a formal opportunity to thank you, our Grommet community, for helping us do what we do every day.

So on behalf of Tea Drops, Emergency Stain Rescue, Flagpole Farm, Quickloader, Meater, IdeaPaint, and the rest of our Makers and Retailers  — thank you.


  • Ronald Says:

    Are all your products made in the United States?

  • maria l. garcia Says:

    wow, that is something you don,t hear very often.

  • Susan Says:

    Thank you for all of the great products you have for us!

  • Mike Says:

    We just can’t stop saying it: thank you.

    Not every product is made in the USA, but we have a good portion of them. Be sure to check out our Made in the USA collection.

  • Eleanor Davis Says:

    That made me smile!God Bless America!

  • Mike Says:

    Mission accomplished :)

  • Patti Says:

    That makes me fee like that you appreciate my business. And also might I add, you sell / offer things I had never heard of. Thank You!

  • Mike Says:

    We certainly do appreciate it, Patti. Thank you!

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