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Four Kick-Ass Kickstarter Projects We're Supporting


The Elevation Dock, a dock for your iphone was the first Kickstarter project to break $1M.


There's never been an easier and better time to be a maker, hacker or creator. The abundance of resources available to ordinary people who want to change the world is far beyond what it once was. There are funding resources available every step of the way, for any type of project. App creators can fund a project on AppsFunder. Sustainable foodie entrepreneurs can look to Credible for early investors. This Mashable article lists even more, geared toward niche organizations. Other types of resource platforms include Quirky which crowdsources and then chooses products to manufacture.

As we all know, Kickstarter is one that continues to lead the way for successful funding. We also think it's very interesting how massively successful consumer products are on Kickstarter. The Elevation Dock, a dock for your iphone was the first Kickstarter project to break $1M. It's obvious that an overflow of product innovation is happening and businesses like Kickstarter and Daily Grommet are responding. Once succesfuly funded, Daily Grommet curates the shining stars, gives them a voice and amplifies their story, setting them up for long-term success.

The most exciting piece of this puzzle is the contribution anyone and everyone can give, pockets big or small. We believe this isn't just a fad; the "democratization of commerce" or Citizen Commerce as we like to call it is here to stay. Therefore, we're putting our own stake in the game and contributing to four Kickstarter projects we think are worth funding right now. It's not how much you contribute that matters, it's the knowledge that you've added a little bit of success to something great. Several of our Grommets have come out of Kickstarter, so there's no doubt that we'll be watching (and funding) many future projects. Below are the first few that wer'e excited to become a part of. Watch for more in the coming months.

Do you agree? Click through to their individual pages on the Kickstarter site and contribute! Hurry as time is running out on a few of them.


Memento Lifelogging Camera: Mini-camera

$536,282 pledged of $50,000 goal

Days to go: Less than two!

As helpful and dynamic our cameras are today, we can't capture everything and some memories get lost in the shuffle of life. Clip on the Memento camera and let it be your memory. It will take photos at opportune times and organize them in chronological order for easy retrieval.







Leash and Cuff: Camera Strap

$97,197 pledged of $10,000 goal

Days to go: 16

This is a versatile, quick connecting camera strap - neck strap, sling strap, safety tether and video stabilizer - all in one. No more wrestling with bulky straps that don't fit or attach properly!




ATOMS Express Toys: Kids Toys

$43,636 pledged of $100,000 goal

Days to go: 34

Wer'e a big fan of toys here at Daily Grommet and these look like they'll provide hours of imaginative, powerful play for kids big or little. They're unique and really challenge the imagination.








Obtanium Wallets: Men's Wallets

$24,310 pledged of $25,000 goal

Days to go: 39

When the 3 founders met for the first time in Hong Kong, they knew their collective product experience could produce something spectacular. The Obtanium looks to be a sleek, stylish wallet with lots of potential. These guys have an eye for design.


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