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Four MORE Kick-Ass Projects We're Supporting

Sushi Quik is a recent Grommet that got its start on Kickstarter!



Last month, we kicked off a series of 4 Kick-Ass Kickstarter projects we're supporting. Why? Because today is a fantastic time to be a creator, hacker or maker. There have never been more opportunities to get your project funded, designed and manufactured than ever before. And we're not the only one's who think this.  So, we're on board because we want to have our skin in the game and support projects that deserve it.

Yet Kickstarter isn't the only platform funding amazing projects! Therefore, this month we're expanding our support to Indiegogo too. Below are three projects from Indiegogo and one from Kickstarter that we think might be truly "kick-ass".

Want to help support these products? Click through to their individual pages and contribute! Hurry as time is running out on a few of them.








Sqord: Making Healthy, Active Play More Fun for Kids

$16,995 raised of $85,000 Goal

Days to go: 17

This little device packs a big punch. It's a game platform and activity tracker in one. The goal is to get kids up and moving and most importantly, make it fun to do so! Sqord provides kids a way to track all of their activity during the day and then use that activity to compete with friends, earn points and collect virtual rewards - just for getting up and playing. So come on kids - it's time to play!


Misfit Shine!










Misfit Shine: an elegant, wireless activity tracker

$538,161 raised of $100,000 Goal

Days to go: 28

Along the same lines Misfit Shine is the activity tracking version for adults. It's an elegant, all-metal activity tracker that will let you know how active you are every day and help you set goals to become more active. Wear it how and when you want. There's no cables, no bluetooth pairing, no charging stations - just an easy way to get up and moving!












popSLATE: Second Screen Case for Your Smart Phone

$161,492 raised of $150,000 Goal

Days to go: 27

Double the screens, double the fun! Do you love customized cases for your iphone? If so, you're going to LOVE popSLATE. It's a screen case that's an E-ink screen just like a Kindle or Nook and it takes customization to a whole new level. You can take pictures for fun images or put up your calendar for organization. It also uses less power than your actual phone and can be changed anytime.











Phorce: The World's First Smart Bag

$185,308 raised of $150,000 goal

Days to go: less than 2!

Wouldn't it be awesome to charge all of your electronic devices together, at the same time? Enter Phorce, the world's first "smart bag" that can charge all your devices including phone and computer, syncs with your phone and conveniently transforms from a backpack to a messenger bag to a briefcase. We're excited to keep our eye on this Kickstarter project and hope that our contribution helps get it to store shelves.

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