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From Their Workshops to Your Home for the Holidays

Did you know that half of all Grommets purchased are given as gifts? This tells us that you find it as rewarding as we do to Give Differently and share distinctive products with family and friends. Although our team spends the entire year curating our collection of products with great style, utility, and invention, it’s our Makers who bring these products into the world. A Grommet holiday wouldn't be possible without our talented and dedicated Makers. We know they’re  working round the clock making sure your Grommets are ship-shape for the holidays and we wanted to check in with them to get a feel for exactly how they’ll be gearing up for the seasonal demands of business. We checked in with a a few of our Makers to see how they’ll be preparing for the busy holiday season.




“The holidays are a very exciting time for Urban Cheesecraft- our DIY Cheese Kits make such great gifts that the season is incredibly fast paced. We know that preparation is the key to avoiding stress and making our customers' cheesy dreams come true! For us, holiday preparations include re-testing recipes, polishing up our website FAQs, making any edits to the booklets that will further simplify instructions, spicing up our online descriptions and photos as well as making sure our shipping processes are seamless. Customers have a lot on their plates this season and we want cheese kit delivery to be the least of their worries! Of course, we also make many, many kits and the planning for that starts early in the year. It's a whirlwind but in the end, it's very satisfying to know that thousands of friends and families will enjoy homemade cheese as well as a new skill thanks to our hard work and cute little cheese kits.”

-Claudia Lucero, Maker of Urban Cheesecraft

Toydozer Maker The Grommet

"We love the holidays over here at Toydozer because, well, the holidays are really why we created the Toydozer (we needed a way to clean up the gazillions of little toys our son would receive as gifts). There really is so much more work that goes into making a product than meets the eye, and I have a whole new appreciation for small hands-on manufacturers. With the Toydozer, there is resin, colorant, packaging, labels, and velcro to order which we have to start thinking about in July. (That's the easy part!) Then, once the Toydozers are made, the velcro and labels need to be applied which is time consuming if you want them to be put on perfectly. And since I do, I end up doing most of this work myself—one of the many benefits of having the factory nearby. By early October we are good to go and excited for the mad holiday rush!"

-Amy Bradley, Maker of Toydozer


“We start gearing up for the holidays in our slow time which is July. Making sure we have enough wax, wicks, dye and supplies to carry us through the busy fall and holiday season is crucial. In the studio, we ramp up production based on sales reports and projections. Once we return from the NY Gift Show in August, our production is at max overdrive 6-7 days a week until December 20th!”

-Jenifer Green, Maker of Green Tree Home

Maker On The Hook for The Grommet

“In preparation for the holiday season, I'm busily stocking up on yarn and shipping supplies. I recently re-organized my art studio to create an inspirational and relaxing space to crochet and brainstorm new design ideas. I look forward to Autumn when I can cozy up to a cup of coffee and work on my various crochet projects.”

-Desiree Hobson, Maker of On the Hook



“For us, the holiday season actually starts in July! We begin looking at our numbers from last year, scheduling our holiday shows, sending out PR pitches for inclusion in holiday gift guides and planning our production to meet the upcoming demand. We are looking forward to a gang buster holiday season. It’s our second holiday season since we started Soberdough. Last year’s kept us running, but we kept up... this year we will be well prepared with lots of inventory in stock!”

-Veronica Hawbaker, Maker of Soberdough 



“The holiday season means lots of family time, fun and chaos. The same is true for the OneLogFire family, in order to make sure OneLogFire logs arrive in time for the holiday season. Our family is already in holiday mode. To prep for the holiday season we take a look back at how far OneLogFire's come, what promises the upcoming season holds and just how many pine trees we need to make it all happen.

OLF Kill dries the pine for several weeks In preparation for their visit to the "log saw" Where they are cut to size and ready for the drill. From there the log gets its handle, firestarter, And on final inspection it's official OneLogFire lable (with a  fun-loving OLF family member guiding it through the whole process). When we say from the OLF family to yours, we mean it quite literally."

-William Bies, Maker OneLogFire

We hope you enjoyed a glimpse into these merry Makers’ holiday preparations. When you give a Grommet this year, know that our Makers are working hard behind the scenes making your gifts extra special.

This holiday season and all throughout the year, we hope The Grommet helps you Give Differently. Be sure to check out our unique gift ideas here.


  • Pat Says:

    In the past,you featured silicon memo boards which adhered to flat surfaces....I really wanted to order some. Please bring them back and let me know. [email protected]

  • pernille Says:

    can you use it in the firepit inside your house?

  • Thomas Bethune Says:

    I have just started reading About the Grommet and find it very interesting. Looking forward to more.

  • Tori Says:

    Hi Pernille,
    It's not recommended for use indoors given general fire hazards. However, if you were to use it inside, it'd be strongly advised to set it up in a fireplace.

  • Tori Says:

    Hi Pat,

    I think you might be referring to this Grommet, Siconi. Check it out: https://www.thegrommet.com/office-space/siconi-silicone-adhesive

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