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Fun reasons to give: Baseball is back

Fun ideas for reaching out, staying connected, cheering up and expressing gratitude in these crazy times…baseball1

It's spring, when a boy's mind turns to...

In Boston, we all know the answer to this one is baseball.  Last Monday brought Opening Day to Boston, but it was rained out in a bone-chilling drencher.  Still, the news covered the event from all angles, and I read this astounding fact:  on average, the Red Sox get three requests to highlight wedding proposals each game.  This means that around three men make a request to put words like these, "Loreal, will you marry me? Love, Mike" on the big electronic scoreboard for each home game. Wow.  So really, it's spring, and a boy's mind turns to baseball and love.

joshbach1_mediumIn celebration of baseball's return as well as true love, why not consider a fun baseball  "opening day" gift for the special guy in your life?  Josh Bach Baseball Themed Ties are some of our favorite Grommets.   One features baseball pitches, including the fastball, slider, forkball, palmball, and knuckler.  The other is a tribute to historic ballparks: Ebbets, Connie Mack, Forbes, Crosley, Comiskey, and the Polo Grounds.  These ties are handcrafted of pure silk.   I think they are a great idea for a fun reason to give -- and who knows? You might even be able to get his attention away from the television screen with a gift like this.  Play ball!

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