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Fun reasons to give: bye bye high school

graduationFun ideas for reaching out, staying connected, cheering up and expressing gratitude in these crazy times…

Did you know there's a bubble of high school grads this year?  For this academic year, estimates are that the number of public or private high school  graduates will peak at approximately 3.2 million.  Wow.  That would explain why college applications are booming, and the selectivity of nearly every college and university has ratcheted up a notch (or two or three) lately.

This would also explain the slew of high school graduation announcements in our mailboxes.  Isn't it awesome to receive such a message of good news?  And then comes that moment of puzzlement:  "what on earth does one give a high school grad these days?"

Every kid needs a computer, whether they are heading to college or work.  However, who can afford that as a gift?!  To show you're in the know to your young friend or relative, consider this:  today's Grommet is one of the coolest computer accessories one could ever give a grad.  Orbita of Australia (everything Aussie has a cool factor, doesn't it?) has re-invented the wireless mouse.  It's re-chargeable and much more ergonomic than the standard mouse.  We think it's a go-to graduation gift (I like it for Father's Day, too, but more on that later!).  So check it out, and if you give it -- we're pretty sure you'll be the coolest aunt, uncle, godparent or family friend on the guest list.

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