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Fun reasons to give: Celebrate the angel in your life

Fun ideas for reaching out, staying connected, cheering up and expressing gratitude in these crazy times…

I'm not sure if it's cool to talk about angels in our very contemporary world.   But angels mean a lot to many people. Whether their beliefs about angels are spiritual or secular, an angel symbolizes so many positive and helpful gifts:  protection, guidance, confidence, comfort, healing, and even joy.

Sometimes we compliment people by saying, "you're an angel!"  This means that the receiver of this compliment is kind beyond words, giving, trustworthy, helpful and loving.  Pretty good stuff.

So, who are the angels in your life?  Is it a friend, a sister, your mother or grandmother?  Today's Grommet,  Roggio Silversmith's Little Angel Necklace,  is the perfect gift  for those wonderful folks who lift you up.  I have this necklace, which was a gift from one of the many angels I celebrate in my own life, one of my sisters.  I think it is time to pass on this beautiful gift to my daughter.  She has such a joyful and loving spirit,  maybe it's time she earned her wings with her very own Little Angel Necklace.

How about you?  Who are the angels in your life?

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