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Fun reasons to give: Make Mother Nature proud

spring-treesFun ideas for reaching out, staying connected, cheering up and expressing gratitude in these crazy times…

April is an all around first-rate month.  Not only does spring actually arrive (for real, not just on the calendar), but two fun holidays take place next week:  April 22 is Earth Day, and April 24 is Arbor Day.  And while we don't typically think of giving gifts to celebrate these holidays, I have an idea that would make Mother Nature proud.

Today's Grommet,  Pacific Shaving Company All Natural Shaving Oil,  makes the perfect Earth-friendly gift.   This all-natural shaving oil is enjoying a groundswell of popularity due to it's all-natural ingredients, fresh scent, and incredibly smooth and comfortable shave.  It's half-ounce bottle has enough oil for 100 shaves.  Wow, talk about reducing our carbon footprint -- no more huge honkin' foam cans to banish to the landfills.  And (I really love this), Pacific Shaving company plants one tree for each bottle it sells.  Each bottle!  They work with Trees for the Future and have already planted tens of thousands of trees.

So, whether for Earth Day or Arbor Day, if you give someone Pacific Shaving Oil, you're doing something good for our planet.  And hey -- we won't tell if you buy one for yourself, too.  We think you'll love it as much as we do.

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