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Fun reasons to give: Take a Walk in the Park Day


Fun ideas for reaching out, staying connected, cheering up and expressing gratitude in these crazy times...

Did you know yesterday was Take a Walk in the Park Day?  Well, it was!  But it was raining here in Boston, so I'm moving it by a day and declaring TODAY "Take a Walk in the Park Day!"  I sorta like this.  The whole moving and declaring of holidays thing.  Maybe I'll make tomorrow "National Moms Get to Stay in Bed until Lunch Day"!

Well, back to the whole walk in the park thing.  If you can squeeze it in today (or even this week), go for it.  Hope does spring eternal, and there's nothing like getting outside to enjoy the coming gifts of the new season.  And even better, invite a friend to go with you.  This might be just the gift your friend needs (and it's free!).  If one of my friends called to invite me to take a walk (hint! hint!), it would give me the perfect excuse I need to shut off the computer, forget about the laundry and relax (at least for a bit) in the beautiful day outside.  Enjoy!

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