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Fun reasons to give: tea for two

Fun ideas for reaching out, staying connected, cheering up and expressing gratitude in these crazy times…

We've all been there.  We run into a  friend at the grocery store, and we do a double take because she's hardly recognizable with that deer in the headlights, glasshot-teay-eyed look.

We ask her a simple "how ya doin'?", and she can barely string together two sentences.  She's overwhelmed.  She's frazzled.  She's thinking about buying the family all new clothes so she'll never have to fold laundry again.  She's trying to find the store manager because her 5-year old just knocked over a display of cleaning supplies, some of which are puddling on the floor.   She has a 2-day project to complete for her new client, and only 4 hours to prepare it.

She needs a cup of tea.  A REAL cup of tea.  And she needs it badly.

Today's Grommet makes a thoughtful gift for someone you know who needs a little "time out" from the stuff that can wear us down.  Why not surprise her with the  Adagio IngenuiTEA Teapot and Gourmet Sampler Set?  Not only will she be able to brew the perfect cup of loose tea, but she'll have enough to share with a friend.  And there's nothing like a little "two for tea"-time to lift all of our spirits when life is just too crazy.

You already know who she is, don't you?  So think about it.  Because if brightening a friend's day isn't a fun reason to give, we're not sure what is.


  • Angella Says:

    Now I want a cup of tea...


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