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Garden therapy

We're really into gardening this week, and todays' Grommet makes it a cinch to have a weed-less garden.  If you want a garden like Amy's, check out Growin' Gridz Gardening Templates.  We think you'll love them.

Garden Therapy

By Amy Urquhart of Assertagirl and Playing in the Dirt

tomatoes growing in gardenWander into the yard of one of your neighbours. Choose a yard that is filled with flowers, a lush and inviting lawn, or rows of tiny vegetable seedlings making their seasonal appearance. You’ve probably wandered into the yard of someone who proudly refers to herself as a gardener. Now, ask her why she grows plants, and something pretty predictable will likely take place. She'll take a deep breath, survey her yard or balcony or patio, breathing in the scent of green, and smile.

“It’s like therapy.”

Whenever I’m asked about what I like about growing plants, my answer usually follows along these lines. I grow all kinds of plants, from the red-stemmed dogwood in my perennial border to the brand new, three-foot tall sugar maple at the back of our yard. Then there are the containers of annuals that decorate the back deck and the stately, staked tomato plants that rise proudly above the organic soil below, their round, ripening fruit glistening in the early morning summertime dew.

While gardening seems like a lot of work to some people, growing plants is my way of taking it easy. I plod out into the back yard first thing in the morning during the growing season, a basket in one hand, a pair of pruners in the other, and set out to mingle among the plants. I look carefully at each one, hoping to catch a glimpse of the miracle of new growth, which, seems at times to take place overnight. I pull a weed, I water a pot, I harvest a handful of beans from their vine. I take comfort in knowing that I am nourishing living, growing, changing things, an experience which simultaneously nourishes my own heart and soul.

The question, then, should not be “Why do you grow plants?” but “How could you not?”


  • Kyla Says:

    You make it sound dreamy! I don't garden because I hate the heat and I'm scared to death of bees and wasps, which are plentiful around here, but you almost make me want to do it anyway.

  • Chantal Says:

    I totally agree. I have a tiny back yard (20 by 24) and I fit in as many plants as I can. I grow tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs. This year we are taking out a broken down shed and carving out a small garden. I cannot wait. When I first moved to this house 4 years ago my neighbours thought I was nuts. Now they all plant little things here and there. It is so invigorating. I NEED it, and love it! This year my latest addiction will be potatoes... Hopefully they will do well!

  • Assertagirl » 13 weeks. Says:

    [...] like to do a guest post about gardening at the Daily Grommet, I jumped at the chance.  My post, Garden therapy, is up over there.  Go on over and take a [...]

  • Pam Hawk Says:

    I totally agree that gardening is like therapy. When I my house and job were only two miles apart, I would go home during my lunch hour to tend my garden. Oh, I'd eat lunch out there, too, but the peace and quiet of sitting in my sunny garden in the middle of the day -every day- was priceless. After a few weeks, the garden was part of my lunch. I've since moved and changed jobs and this luxury is not possible right now, and I really miss it.

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