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Gardening... a community of growth (we hope!)

With Spring's arrival, many of us here at Daily Grommet have an itch to get in the garden. Whether you're a novice gardener or a seasoned pro, it seems gardening is always a learning process. Jen Wallace, founder of www.IndieFixx.com, knows this all too well. She shares some of her experiences with us and offers a way to make gardening a bit more enjoyable.

by Jen Wallace

So, I'm a pretty new gardener ... last year was my first year at it, and one thing I've learned is that gardening in a vacuum is not a good idea. You need to connect with other gardeners. Both for the information, but also to share your accomplishments and your defeats. There's nothing better than sharing your garden's growth with others; and conversely, only another gardener knows the heartache of losing all one's tomato plants (something that happened to a lot of us last summer).

To that end, I share a lot of my gardening experiences on my blog Indie Fixx and I've also started a Gardening Flickr Group as a way for all of us gardeners to connect and share images of our hard work. So, whether you have a large backyard plot, just have a few herbs in pots, plant vegetables or just flowers, come share with us

Here are a few recent highlights from the group. 

Thanks for sharing your gardening  journey with us, Jen, and for helping to build a community around a shared loved for gardening. I was so pleased to learn about Jen's flickr gardening group that I joined too! Like Jen, I'm a new gardener, so I'm thankful to have found a community  to learn and share with.


  • Sarah Says:

    What a great idea! I have been gardening for a few years now, but always feel like I have something to learn. What a fun way to share and learn from/with fellow gardeners.

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