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8 Gifts for Spring Play

With warmer days ahead, it's time to start thinking about getting outdoors and enjoying some fresh air. If you have an upcoming family gathering or need a gift for a spring birthday, we've got eight unique gifts for spring play. Which would you like to try?


Kan Jam

Kan Jan is the ultimate frisbee game. This kit includes regulation flying disc and two goals. Collapsible for easy transport and storage.  Shop Now


Hit Mit

You wear this Hit Mit paddle like a glove, allowing for quick response time and maximum ball control. Made from soft waterproof EVA foam, Hit Mit is great for play indoors, outdoors, and in the waterShop Now


Pocket Disc

Pocket Discs are colorful throwing discs made from 100% cotton, hand crocheted by Maya artisans in Guatemala using Fair Trade practices. Suitable for everyone from kids and grown-ups to pets, the Pocket Disc Beast edition floats and is perfect for water playShop Now



This futuristic one piece plastic bottle water rocket launcher is made of highly durable ABS plastic. No assembly required, just an ordinary bicycle pump, a bottle, and water. Safety release valve prevents over-pressurizing.  Shop Now



Great for all ages, this traditional Japanese skill toy similar to the classic cup and ball game. Catch one object with another using simple and complex tricks. Great for beginners and advanced players.  Shop Now



These outdoor game balls that bounce on water and float leading to hours of fun in the ocean, lake or even a puddle. A polymer gel center allows the balls to have fast rebounds to bounce higher and faster. Shop Now



Zipline kits to help you start learning and having fun in your own backyard. Designed for beginners, the kit is easy to assemble, comes with everything you need and can be set up in 30 minutes. Shop Now



A reinvention of the paddleball, this not-your-dime store game. Called para2ONE, the paddle is asymmetrically shaped for 360 degrees of extreme fun for anyone from age 7 to 97. Paddle has a "switch gap" which allows player to switch sides mid-play. Shop Now

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