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Gifts from (and by) Children

I just dropped off my second-grader and fourth-grader for the first day of school.  Many of you are experiencing first days (or did a few weeks ago) and all the accompanying hype, butterflies, schedule overload, and sleepy mornings that accompany.  We at Daily Grommet can completely relate as we juggle crazy schedules this week.  Know that we share your pain, but we also share the snippets of euphoria that come from having a little more 'us' time -- whether for work, home or personal pursuits.

So, I'm walking away from the school this morning -- feeling that small glimpse of freedom -- when BOOM!  I'm accosted by one of those always-on-top-of-things parents who noted that it would be only a matter of time before we'd be getting ready for the holidays (egads!) now that school had finally started.  Holidays, schmolidays! I haven't even updated my new TrulyMom organizer (which I love like you can't even believe) with the school calendar yet.   So. Not. Ready. Buy Truly Mom's mom planner family calendar and organizer

Thanks to the aforementioned parent, my mind actually did skip ahead a couple of months to all kinds of gift stuff --and I recalled this amazing gift that our own Joanne orchestrated for a teacher gift last year. She had each child in her son's class draw an animal, and then Joanne sent the drawings off to Joy Copanezos of Kidoodles (if you missed this Grommet, take a second to check it out -- especially the endearing video that her own son shot of Joy making her spectacular jewelry).  Joy created a charm from each drawing to help create a jaw-droppingly adorable and nostalgic bracelet.  Here it is:

Daily Grommet Office, Kidoodle, Grandparents.com 019

Isn't it amazing?  Joy also makes earrings, pendants, pins, or tie tacs in addition to charms. I'm thinking of how wonderful a pin or pendant made from a child's artwork could be for a grandparent holiday gift.  Or even for Mom (hint, hint, honey!). Buy KiDoodles jewelry from kid's art here.

Truly, gifts made by children are incredibly precious.  We love KiDoodles because it takes that special piece of artwork and makes it immortal. We also featured a terrific Grommet last winter, Tikatok.com, where children can write, illustrate and publish their very own books.  Tikatok books make beautiful gifts, too. Learn more about Tikatok book publishing website for kids here.

Indeed, we'll all be thinking about the holidays before long (it won't just be the perky folks like the parent I saw at school this morning).  Have you seen other great ways to help children make lasting gifts for family or friends?  If so, let us know!  We're always looking for great Grommet ideas, and we'd love to hear from you.

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