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7 Travel Gift Ideas

Wherever you’re headed, we’ve found incredible travel accessories to prepare, pack, travel, relax, and make time away from home even better. If you're headed out of town this fall, or looking for a unique travel gift idea, these seven products make the perfect travel companions.


The Travel Halo

A portable and comfortable alternative to bulky travel pillows. The Travel Halo cradles the head to allow for rest while traveling and it has a built-in eye mask that can be folded up or down. Shop Now


Lay-n-Go Cosmo

This quilted cosmetics mat cinches closed into a travel-ready clutch. Protect your brushes and accessories from getting wet, and pack them up easily when you're done. Shop Now



Pack more, and pack efficiently. rollnband makes traveling less stressful by keeping you organized before, during and upon returning home from your trip, reducing wrinkles and indicating clean and dirty clothes.  Shop Now



The NAPWRAP is a travel accessory that supports your arms and removes the need to fight over the armrest. It helps you rest comfortably during long flights, train rides, or bus trips. It’s also convenient for other travel functions. Use it as a sleep mask, or to keep your ears warm, and even to carry your smartphone when you take a jog.  Shop Now


Map Your Travels

Whether a gift for yourself or a favorite traveler, these maps perfectly capture the spirit of adventure.  These framed travel maps display where you've been and where you want to go. You can choose world maps or US maps, or select a hobby-themed map if your travels revolve around sports or camping. Shop Now


Genius Pack

For the organized traveler. This innovative design slips over the handle of your Carry On and wraps around airplane tray tables to store all your flight needs such as passport, charger, tablet and magazines right at your fingertips. Shop Now


Selfie Pole

Capture those travel moments anywhere you go. The selfie pole fits to most smartphones and cameras. It lets you hold your phone at a distance to take photos and video that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Shop Now

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  • Ed Kassof Says:

    Recently, luggage companies have changed the size of their carry on bags to meet the 22" standard. Several airlines already are disqualifying carry on bags that are larger than 22" measured from the ground to the top of the bag. In most cases, the bags measure 24"-25" including the wheels. If the bag does not fit into the measuring box, which most carry- ons do not fir these new measuring boxes, the bag is checked at an expensive rate.

  • megrockstar Says:

    This is a great list! Ty

  • Susan Bray Says:

    I would like to write a review on the lay and go. How do I do it?

  • Tori Says:

    Hi Susan, If you login to your account on The Grommet, you'll see the option to write a review.

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